How to get WAW GPD Mods without Jtag

Look Here Before SAYING It Dont WORK!

Ok 1st Of All Your going to need to run your xbox on 1 USB only no HDD or Memory cards! so the only thing thats cache is cleared is the 1 usb and on the other USB the cahce wont be cleared!

What you need: 2 USB’s, modded CoD5 .GPD, 2 accounts(main and silver). CoD4(Herp Derp)
1.Make sure system cache is cleared on USB1(modded one)
2.Put the modded .GPD on the silver account and USB with cache cleared.
3.Make sure your Updates are up to date on your main account and 2nd USB. (DO NOT PUT MODS ON MAIN ACCCOUNT!)
4. Make aure only USB1(modded) Is plugged in go into splitscreen. Turn on the mods and infect yourself.
5.Sign out and unplug modded USB and plug in USB2 with your main account on it.
6.Go online into a private match and if your infected you did it right.

Well its kinda liek that. on 1 account you will need the developer dvars for the WAW

disconnectOnSignOut 0
sv_cheats 1
xblive_playEvenIfDown 1
xrequirelivesignin 0
developer 1
developer_script 1
sv_God 1
console 1
sv_cheats 1
sv_NoClip 1
enableDvarWhitelist 0

Those are the dvars, now on the 2nd account you are going to join in the splitscreen and get infections. then leave the game, sign out and sit at the XBOX LIVE MENU!! put the main account on your Computer and open your account in modio replace that .GPD with the modded one ( not the one u used on 1st but the one with no clip and god mode ) after you put it back on USB rehased and resigned. plug it in and sign in if ur MOTD is modded then you did it right!

This is 100% Found By TTGxM40SNIPES

The GPDs I Will Not Give DL Link For Warez.
You must edit your self i will not be doing it!

Heres a good Online GPD ( 2nd account )…47478.html

Ok, im so seriously done with you dumbasss leachers. please belive this is the last thing im releasing to TTG.

Dev Dvars In GPD ( USB1 ) :

Heres Code For Dev GPD ( USB1 ) Lrn2Code Leechers!

.bind BUTTON_BACK “disconnectOnSignOut 0;sv_cheats 1;xblive_playEvenIfDown 1;xrequirelivesignin 0;developer 1;developer_script 1;sv_God 1;console 1;sv_cheats 1;sv_NoClip 1;enableDvarWhitelist 0”

I take NO credit at all this was found by TTGxM40SNIPES on TheTechGame please give credit to him! He is also the maker of the video.

I’m sorry, but the video does not prove that it was done with a USB.

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This is 100% Found By TTGxM40SNIPES

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That video has no proof that it was done with a usb, and I am friends with him, he has a jtag. -_-

I’m gonna show this to my friend that was trying it yesterday… Thanks.

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