How To Get Xbox 360 Admin Achievements(Developer Only Achievements)

These are Achievements, So they will show in your Online/Offline history and in Games

  1. First download the GPD File: GPD Libary

  2. After downloaded take your profile from your Partition 3 Folder and Place it on the Desktop

  3. Then open up your profile with a GPD Injector or any of Source you have that can Inject GPDs onto your profile

(I use Lefluffie here’s the Download Link: Programs « SkunkieButt’s Blog Scroll down then Click on “Download Source” Or “Download App”)

  1. Then Inject The GPD into your Profile, Rehash and Resign When Finished

(If you dont know how to inject GPDs into your profile heres a Good Tutorial on how to using Le Fluffie: How to inject GPDs using Lefluffie - Se7enSins Forums)

  1. After Rehashing and Resigning then place back into HDD

  2. Plug HDD back into your Xbox 360 then goto your Achievements and you will notice that you will have the following Xbox 360 Admin Achievements

Xbox 360 Inner Circle
Xbox 360 Team
Xbox Black Compact
Xbox 360 Dasgboard
Xbox 360 Team
Xbox 360 Beta

Disclaimer: It is not my fault if get banned I take no Accusations or Assumptions you take full responsibility for this


you get 9999 ban for this :confused:

Ill put Disclaimer

nice tut, but huge chance of account ban

What’s the point in doing this?

To look amazing :smile:

Makes you look like a 360 Developer

And with the Years and Crown Editor it looks offical

just use it on an offline account

I have Xbox 360 Inner circle, Team, & Dashboard on my online account and never got banned :l

No ban u just look like a usb fanboy :smile:

is it consle ban or account ban?

Account Ban

Who has ACTUALLY been banned, personally. YOU, not your friends.

Good links and resources…top TUT

This is older than my nan.

i got banned on my old acc

You can get 9999 ban for anything.
It depends on the Mod who bans you.

What you mean by dev achievments?
Also do you have download link to GPD injector?

Developers and Admins of Xbox 360 get Rare Achievements only they can have. Its a Xbox 360 Dev Team Achievements.

And Le Fluffie(Provided the DL in the Tut) Can Inject GPDs

Are they worth GS?