How to get Xbox Live for $1 A month


Thanks CCS for this.

Simply click This Link

And you can go to the promo.



Now, how many times can we repeat this

Nice share, tested it and it does work.

It’s reoccurring I do believe. At least it was for me.

ive been doing this for 4 months already.

go to your xbox, create new account, decline gold, they offer you $1 for 1 month
one time they offered me $2 for 2 months

i have 3 accounts banned from gears lol, i just created another one month for a dollar about a week ago

sucks you have to call to turn off auto renew, takes like 4 minutes though.

theoretically you can have 12 different accounts for a year all for 12 bucks, they have to be new accounts though.

so 1 dolla a month forever recurring? or could we buy 1 month cancel the auto renewal buy another one cancel and so on so forth

Haha, This is what I do when I get banned. :thumbsup:

Yes, You can do both of those.

Cool, thanx for this, also u a double posted shame


Unless it’s the promotion that is when you make a new account.
in other words… the promotion that’s advertise on xbox live 24/7. :confused:.

That happens if you already have gold membership.
Sorry bro!
When your gold runs out, you can use it!
So no it’s not like the advertisement on xbox.

Maybe its only for silver accounts?

EDIT: Guess I was right ^

If you would read it was clearly stated in previous posts you have to be creating a new account or have a silver membership.

:anguished: wont let me do it. Whatever, I have Xbox live until 2013 :smiley:

FUUUUUUUUU My account is still in ‘Child’ status >:L

I have an oG silver account too. Oh well…

Well take it off child status? :smiley:

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Not really what I was looking for guys.

I think thhsi was posted? lol

I just got this and I had gold until November 15th, now December 15th. I had the discount price for a year of gold for $40 or $50 (don’t remember) before they upped the price. THANK!
P.S. So this really renews each month for $1?

Thanks for this, only if I would be able to play online with my bad gamertag, they keep trying to force me to change in when I try to use it.