How To get your j-tag online (Fully Working)

don’t know if this was posted so here

Download’s needed

360 flash tool: http://dwl.■■■■■■■■■■■■■■/xbox360pc/nandtools/360_Flash_Tool_v0.97.rar


heres the video Tutorial.

YouTube - How do everything from desktop Kinect dashboard flash nand for j-tags to go back online

YouTube - How to flash nand on xbox for kinect dashboard freeboot

Proof back online
YouTube - JTAGs Back ONLINE After Kinect Dashboard Update | 12625 Kernel | MW2 Lobby

Video broken

orly? I doubt it.

Worked for me try it find new vids later

Nobody is going to release it so no.

^ Its Realesed Searched For a Game On FFA And I Got In 3 haah
Also Itz Mt HAs It :smile:

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Written tutorial may be easier to follow also
1st and 2nd video broken

yh im looking for some others

this doesnt count for banned jtag, just saying for people with banned jtags try it out.

fix videos, then we might have a chance?

Anyone confirm this? I might buy a Jtag if this is confirmed

We have not seen any info showing its real so i doubt it. Two of the videos dont even work!

Sorry about the vids guys trying to find new ones and i can confirm this works

Proof?? e.g. pictures, lobbies

Why don’t you just make a video then. -_-

Look everyone!, it has been released. So…with that being said, nuff salad.

Dear god…

So does this mean we can go online without getting banned?