How to get Youtube app without beta program

This is fairly easy so yeah. I’d like to thank XMB MUDKIP for providing me with the youtube file.

What you need:
Party Buffalo by CLK - Download Here
Edit: You can also use Horizon if you wish, my computer was acting up so I manually did it through Party Buffalo which is also a great fatx explorer.
Youtube App - Download Here
A Brain

Step 1:
Extract the 423607D1.rar so you have a normal folder.

Step 2:
Open Party Buffalo and open your drive.

Step 3:
Go to the 0000000000000000 folder inside of Content.
Click on the 0000000000000 and drag the 423607D1 folder into it.

Step 4 (optional):
Open up Horizon and click Games folder, if it says Youtube then it worked.

Step 5:
Turn on your Xbox and put the Youtube app on the Xbox.

Step 6:
Go to My apps and it should say Youtube.

Notice: If you click it and nothing happens then restart your Xbox 360 and start again.

Do you need to be signed into a online account for this to work? or just a console with internet connection? Would love to use this on my Jtag.

I didn’t test it but I’m fairly sure you do need to be signed in, it said something about Gold Membership needed.

Thanks for the file!

I hope this works on other countries(: Thanks!

this app will work in other countries its a youtube why wouldn’t it work in other countries because if it didn’t then whats the point of having it but it will and i am going to test it now also i live in new zealand so this should be fun

Showing up as corrupted, any ideas?

Why not just use Horizon for the whole process? Wouldn’t it be easier?

worked great, thank you!

You don’t need to transfer the whole folder, can just use horizon to transfer it as if you would a GoD file.

Horizon would be better to use for this, for the new people to horizon of course.

You just simply have to drag n’ drop it in.

Thanks it worked flawlessly!

Works nice, 720p vids look crispy.

Anyone else get a ****ING AD whilst watching a video? Nearly cried.

Edit 1: This app is boss for watching Minecraft videos.
[S]Edit 2: What was the optical media update required for viewing videos?[/S]
Edit 3: Anyone else find it funny category “Gaming” is not listed on the homepage of “discover”?
Edit 4: Someone with Kinect voice search please try: “Xbox How to perform the Jtag Hack”. Heh.
Edit 5: Modding videos ftw. We need more videos for Horizon, this will be good advertising. Lol.

Voice search isn’t supported for youtube :S

I thought Microsoft announced EVERY app will support Kinect.
I guess it is not in this BETA app?

Sucks. Would have liked to see the results, if they block anything.

I get the 1st 2 things you need, but what the **** is a “brain” ?

dude this is awesome man im the only one on my friends list everybody thinks im cool lol thanks this is awesome and thank you mudkip

:slight_smile: Worked ty

Cant Seem TO Get It Too Work. It Doesnt Say its in my game folder on horizon… :confused: