How to Give your Friends DLC (Noob-Friendly)

No Modding Skills required WHAT SO EVER! THIS IS MOD FREE
This Tut will help you give your real life friends DLC or if you want to ship a flash drive with the DLC content

  1. You Must have the DLC yourself

  2. You must have another Storage device you’d be willing to give away or you need that persons storage device.

  3. Go to the dashboard.

  4. Head over to the My Xbox category.

  5. Scroll Over to the right until you see console settings

  6. Once your in console settings put in your friends storage device. Note if it is a harddrive it must be put in before you turn the console on or the console WILL restart

  7. After you have their device in go to memory and select YOUR storage device

  8. Head over to the DLC you want them to have

  9. Go to it, if it doesnt say copy hit THE Y BUTTON AND HIT COPY

  10. Now select their storage device

  11. Now you can both enjoy the DLC

I think it’s console/profile locked though

This doesn’t work. you need to license transfer it.

i think the only way you can do it is by license transferring. bet the disadvantage to that is that the buyer will not have access to the dlc though any account, but the leecher would.

and you can resign LIVE packages.

and this method would work becuase the dlc is licensed to the original xbox

I Did this with my friend… I Gave hi the map packs somehow…

Don’t Leech It Will Mess You’re Friends Account’s Up. License Transfers Are A Limit To 1Per Year.

I Know that.

This won’t work.