How To Hex Need For Speed Shift 2

Lets get crackin then shall we

your gonna need

this tut
a hex editor(i use Hxd)
1 need for speed shift 2 savegame

first drag ya save onto desktop (DOH!!!)

now open and log into 360revolution

drag your need for speed shift save into 360revolution
and click contents tab
highlite the nfs-shift profile file and extract file to a new folder on desktop

minimize 360revolution

now open your hex editor
and drag the nfs-shift profile into hxd
and hit Ctrl+f and search for money in a text search
hit F3 untill you see the line
prop name=“Career Prize Money” data=

max out your career prize money and Career Prize Money2

then save and close hxd

now maximize 360revolution and go back to cvontents tab and right click and select inject file
locate your freshly modded profile file and inject that into contents tab

now click on the resigner tab and resign and rehash the save

congrats you just modded an gamesave
place the save back on profile
load up the game and enjoy

only max out the amounts thats there as it messes up if ya do too much
so if ya have 1000 cash change it to 9999 etc
rinse and repeat as needed
.: Delete :. aka .:Enigma:.

for those too lazy to hex edit the game heres a pre modded save with max cash
Resign and Rehash this save

This Save has 999,999,999 cash enuff to buy ya whatever ya want

please note the cash WONT show onscreen just go to Carlot

(press right 3 times to get there at the career screen)

Buy Anycar ya like then it will show the money
so if you bought a Dodge Viper SRT10 your money would show as $999,911,499

has a Lotus Elise 11r
Bugatti Veyron 16.4 in the Garage

Career Xp level 4
Career Completion level 1%
has Two first places in the first event and thats it
the rest is up to you to plod thru

Enjoy the save
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.: Delete :.

Pretty insane. Didn’t it just come out today?

Oh, and can anyone tell me how the game is? I might pick it up.

lol, it leaked like 8-12 hours ago im pretty sure, either way cool stuff broooo.

It leaked 3 to 4 days ago, just so you guys know

This is why I love hex editing, each time I open up a file, I like to examine the patterns. Not only that but there is always something hidden. (E.G. 02 would be for example a weapon or special)

Keep getting currupt

you have to mod your money with out adding to the file, if you have 20,000 the goto 99,990 play game and get some cash after the first mod, eg 100,500 then mod to 999,999 and continue till you get to the money you want or you could just use my save that I modded to save the trouble

MEGAUPLOAD - The leading online storage and file delivery service

As If You Haven’t Gave Credit…Tuts

No one can “hex” its called “hex editing” but good job I guess.

whats the difference between career 1 and 2? I don’t have the game.Just trying to do work on a tool.