How to install a two disc game onto a Jtag in XEX menu

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Jtaged Xbox 360 console runnning XBReboot or freeBOOT
Large enough HDD
Multi-disc game
Xbox360game hack

So once you’ve got all of that (which shouldn’t be hard at all, so don’t complain) its time to get started

Step 1: Turn on your JTAGed console and go to Games Library >>> Game Demos and start up XeXMenu
NOTE: make sure your hard drive is pluged into your console

Step 2: Navigate your way to your external hard drive and then open up your games folder (assuming you have one… if you don’t, make one, and put all your games in there) and then press (Y) and create a new folder and call it whatever game your ripping.

Step 3: After you’ve created the game name folder and are currnetly in it, press (Y) again and select “Copy DVD”. Your 360’s dvd tray will open up and put in DISC 1 of your multi-disc game then press “confirm” and let the game rip to the game name folder.

Step 4: Go shoot some hoops for 20 minutes or so cause ITS HEALTHY. haha

Step 5: After its finished copying and your rehydrated, stay in the same folder you just riped DISC 1 to, and select “Copy DVD” again. Now put in DISC 2 and select confirm (and “yes” to overwrite any common/same files)

Step 6: Refer to Step 4…

Step 7: Once you have DISC 1 and 2 ripped to the same folder, just to be safe, unplug your external hard drive from your 360 and plug it into your computer and run Xbox 360 game hack on the folder you ripped your game to.
NOTE: Don’t worry about any errors

Step 8: Plug your hard drive into your 360, and get playing!!!


YOU: I followed your tutorial EXACTLY to the dot, yet my game doesn’t play. What gives!?
ME: I’ve had this happen to me as well, just delete the $SystemUpdate folder in the folder that your game was ripped. It SHOULD work now, if not, Im sorry I don’t know whats wrong:(

Great tutorial im going to try this later.

How to install 2 dics game by original cd on hard of the xbox if u have a jtag xbox 360, i want to install max payne 3

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There is some good info for you here:

@Chris The oldest bump I’ve ever seen.

I bought a new Xbox 360 from my friend tomorrow I download GTA 5 iso file I see some tutorial to play this game my Xbox has 1 GB builtin space
I copy my disk 1 content where I past there is no. 0000000 or content folder in my HDD I have only my games in it
plz help me

Just make one put disc one in content folder and disc 2 in games folder