How to install BF3 HD content on JTAG and play

I take no credit, source -
I only changed the parts to horizon, which makes it 10x easier :smiley:

  1. After extracting both disks into ISO’s, use EXISO to extract disk 1 to XEX folder format

  2. In disk 1 ( which you just extracteed ), search through the content folder until you get to the 1.5gb file, this is the HD content pack, drag it into horizon in the device explorer and let it do its work

  3. Download the 166MB title update and drag it into horizon, let it do its work :wink:
    download it here -

  4. Use ISO 2GOD to convert disk 2 to GOD format, then play with the GOD, it should work.

Im testing this now im pretty sure i didnt miss anything, so yeah :smiley:

Works, I can vouch.

yep, i just started it

Any ways to put HD files in USB memory module(xbox360 save)

im pretty sure the file size would pass 4Gb

It’s only 1.5gb!

Great tut, but I’m a bit confused. Could you elaborate on the whole Horizon part? I don’t exactly get what you mean… :confused:

hey man im a little confused because there is no space left on my usb because the “Xbox 360” folder has taken all the space, and i dont know what to do about iso to god…please help

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