How to install Fusion {RGH Only}

First of I would like to make this an easy to understand topic for those who want a dev kernal on there RGH but don’t know where to start!

The Tutorial

Step 1. If you do not have J-Runner go download it from XBINS (Links Below)

Step 2. If you don’t have your nand or original nand get it from Flash360, and then in J-Runner hit Source File and Open Nand and then Type CPU Key (Can get from Xell)

Step 3. Hit Under XeBuild Options Dash Versions and Select your Dashboard your RGH is currently on and then hit Glitch and then Specify RGH if you have RGH or RGH2 if you have RGH2 if you do not know consult the person you purchased your RGH from!

Step 4. Hit Create Image and let it finish

Step 5. Hit Advanced>Extract Files

Step 6. Get smc_config.bin and drag to desktop

Step 7. Download Fusion from Xbins (Auto Xbins 2008 (2011))

Step 8. Install 7Zip and hit the first fusion.001 and hit extract files

Step 9. Open Fusion_Setup_v1.0.7.exe and Specify your options under “Info” and “Keys” and then click the three dots by Config Blocks and get them from when you extracted files in J-Runner and Hit Boot Devlauncher, System Link Mode- Devkit, System Encryption- Devkit

Step 10. Burn Fusion_Bootdisk_v1.0.7.iso to a disk and put the nand they gave you from Fusion Setup and boot Xell! Turn of when prompted and Power Cycle! With your Xbox hard drive connected, the Fusion nand image flashed, and the boot disk in your console’s DVD drive, power on your console. Within a few seconds you should see the boot disk install screen appear. The boot disk will take a few moments to copy the required OS files and when it is done your console will reboot. When your console reboots it will boot to either the dashboard or the dev-launcher depending on the settings you specified when creating the nand image.

Download Links: Auto Xbins 2008 (2011)

What Fusion is Like!

Hello, I did everything you mention above, installed Fusion and created the new NAND with what you said above, flashed the NAND with usb and Xenon.efl file in it. Then reformatted my Flash drive and install the FUSION installation files (boot files) to it. Then Re-started my Xbox 360 RGH trinity, and the middle light blinks RED and that is it. I do have a 250 GIG original xbox 360 hard drive on my machine.

any suggestions? After a while, I had to flash my original NAND and works as before, but I will like to install Fusion to it.

Whats fusion?

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Sorry guys didn’t know it was a bump

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Just aswell I read before you deleted that. Would you recommend installing it? I have a basic knowledge of my rgh.

Thanks nookie

according to the Xecuter website, “Fusion” makes regular RGH consoles like DevKits. I been having problems launching a few game Trainers, and I read that this “Fusion” program will make the RGH Xbox 360 able to launch those trainers without problems like Black Screens, not launching game, stuck and things like that.

Sounds worth installing it on RGH xbox 360. Just need someone to point us to the right tutorial or better yet, help us. I been reading lots of tutorials, and no luck yet.

How to install Fusion on your xbox 360 RGH console Part 1 - YouTube try this

Looks Like I need some Nand-X or J-runner cable to xbox 360 wired in order to transfer the new made Fusion Nand.

I don’t have it, was hoping I could do it with usb flash drive.

Same. I will wait to get one though

maybe we can find a way to install it using the build in "xell reloaded"

but still won’t boot. will have to retry again.

Just so you guys know fusion is total and complete ass. Do not use it as there is several issues with it.

Yeah, I gave up anyways, I fail installation way too many times. Afraid to mess up my RGH console. Had to re-flash NAND several times, because of fail Fusion installation attempts. :confused: