How to install RGLoader v3.05 [Turn your RGH/JTAG into a Dev Kit!]

Hey XboxMB,
For my first tutorial, ill be going over and teaching you how to install RGLoader to your JTAG/RGH.

Here are the things your will need:

  • RGH/JTAG on 15574 dash (read below for current RGH/JTAGs available for this)
  • Your current Nand
  • Flashdrive
  • RGLoader 3.05 + Filesystems
  • .NET Framework 4.0 or 4.5 installed

Download: RGBuild_Beta0v305+Filesystem.rar

Current Motherboards that are capable:

  • Xenon Jtag 16MB
  • Zephyr Jtag/RGH/RGH2 16MB
  • Falcon Jtag/RGH/RGH2 16MB
  • Jasper Jtag/RGH/RGH2 16MB
  • Trinity RGH 16MB
  • Corona RGH 16MB

Now for the tutorial:

  1. Once you have downloaded the RGBuild beta 3.05 + Filesystems, extract them to a folder on your desktop

  2. Open that folder and you should have 2 folders named 15574-filesystem_0v305 and _RGBuild_Beta0v305 proceed to open the 15574-filesystem_0v305 folder.

  3. Inside the 15574-filesystem_0v305 folder, you will have 3 folders, and 4 other files. At this time, plug your flashdrive in. Once your flashdrive is in, proceed to open the root of your flashdrive. Once your flashdrive is open, drag and drop the filesystems folder from the 15574-filesystems_0v305folder and the rgloader.ini and bootanim.wmv to the root of your flashdrive. You should now have a single folder named filesystems and rgloader.ini and bootanim.wmv on your flashdrive.

  4. Plug your flashdrive into your rgh/jtag and boot into XeXMenu. Once you have booted into it, go to the root of your HDD (Cannot be a external flashdrive, or another other type, MUST be a Microsoft HDD) and copy the filesystems folder to the root of it. (Where Cashe, content, etc)

  5. Once that is done, unplug your flashdrive, power down your jtag/rgh and plug your flashdrive back into your computer.

  6. Open up the 15574-filesystem_0v305 folder, and copy EVERYTHING. Go back and open the _RGBuild_Beta0v305 folder. Paste everything from 15574-filesystem_0v305 folder into it. Hit yes to replace all folders/files.

  7. Now take your current nand dumb (I got mine from Flash 360) and drag it into the _RGBuild_Beta0v305 folder and rename it to nand.bin.

8 ) Find the option.ini file and right click and edit it. scroll down to the bottem where it says:

CPU_Key = 00000000000000000000000000000000
exploit = RGH
kernel = 15574
nand_location = C:\Users\Matt\Desktop\RGBuild 3.05\_RGBuild_Beta0v305\
rglversion = 0v305

and type or paste your CPU key. Make sure your nand.bin is in the correct location!

  1. Now your ready to make your new dev nand. Open RGBuild Launcher. Everything should be correct if not, make changes now!

  2. Hit RGBuilder. A CMD should pop up and create your dev nand. Once its done, press any key and it should close out.

  3. Back in the _RGBuild_Beta0v305 look for a new file namedImage.15574-dev.bin and rename it to updflash.bin

  4. drag and drop that updflash.bin to your flashdrive and plug your flashdrive back into your rgh/jtag.

  5. Press the Eject button to boot into xell. It will find the updflash and your console will be flashed with the new dev nand you have created. Once its done, power down your console, and restart it!

Congrats! You have just turned your Jtag/rgh into a XDK!

[size=25]I will be updating this topic when I create a video and I will post that…

I hope you guys enjoyed the tutorial, and are looking forward for more tutorials :smile:


Credit: Me - for creating this tutorial and taking 2 hours of my file for this

nice tut… but its a dev kernal not a XDK

Yeah, but I always called it a xdk just because xdk=xbox developent kit and thats basically what your making your rgh into, but without all the other really cool **** lol

Please use the search feature, there has been tutorials on how to do this many times.

Also Xecuter Fusion>RGLOADER