How to install wemod for steam games in lutris


I am wanting to install WeMod for steam Astroneer in lutris - sounds crazy I know, sick and twisted even, but I have an allergic reaction to Windows - it freaks me out, so I play all my Windows games under lutris on Linux Mint.

I have installed lots of mod loaders using the following methods before and I hope someone has some useful ideas…

I’ve downloaded the ‘ASTRONEER Trainier.exe’ and put it in the Astroneer directory under lutris’s winesteam runner here:
~/.local/share/lutris/runners/winesteam/prefix64/dosdevices/c:/Program Files (x86)/Steam/steamapps/common/ASTRONEER

First I tried by opening a command shell under Astroneers wineprefix in lutris using the Winetricks option, then change to the above directory then execute the wemod installer:
‘mono ASTRONEER Trainier.exe’ which gives me a “Cannot open assembly ‘WeMod-Setup.exe’: File does not contain a valid CIL image.” error, so no go there…

So then I try using the Winetricks, “Run explorer” and I successfully launch the ASTRONEER Trainier.exe, yippee me thinks, it loads, I get the wemod splash screen and it maintains 0% download and after a bit it errors out with FAILED TO DOWNLOAD.

I am thinking that if I could get what the loader downloads I could manually install that… or something else???


That is the link to the download with a installer that doesn’t need to download additional files “” but just so you know. Wemod was only made for windows. I’m unsure if it ran even run on linux even with wine.
Last I remember people didn’t manage to make it work.