How to iso mod CodWaW - Tutorial

Felt like making a tutorial on how to mod Call of Duty World at War (Iso modding) on the Xbox 360

First of all i do not know if discussion of call of duty modding is allowed on this site, so if any staff feel like this topic should not be here, I have no problem with you deleting this topic.

  1. You will need DVD+DL 8.5GB Disks (dl means Dual layer/Double Layer) And they need to be atleast 2X Speed.

The best Brands are Memorex and Verbatim


You will also need a Dual Layer disk burner, you cannot continue without them.

  1. You will need to download some tools

MEGAUPLOAD - The leading online storage and file delivery service

  1. You will need to download a call of duty World at War iso. You can download at certain torrent sites.

Make sure that the iso is for your region (Pal, NTSC) Pal is for england and australia and NTSC is for America. The best to go with is a region free iso, which anyone can use.
(i will not link to a download because it is illegal and it considered warez)

Now you will need to download the modded files for CodWaW Zombies

You can find your own mods that you would like to use, or you could use these mods made by CoOlBunnYMoDz

MEGAUPLOAD - The leading online storage and file delivery service
(contains a mod menu and forge mode)

  1. One you have the modded files and the CodWaW .iso you can continue.

Open abgx360 GUI
Go to the ‘autofix’ Tab

Make your settings as mine are.

Go to "misc’ Tab and Press select where is says "Choose your console’s region code.
Tick the corrent box and press OK
Now make the rest of the settings like mine.

Go to the ‘Option’ tab and make your settings like mine.

Go to File > Save settings… and save the settings. Load these settings everytime you use abgx360.

Now go to File > Open input and open the CodWaW .Iso
Press Launch, located at the bottom of the program and it will start checking your iso for errors. Wait until it says press any key to exit…

If everything is green, that means you have a working .iso
If certain things are red, than this means your .iso is bad and you will need to re download a new one.

If everything is fine, You can continue to the next steps.

  1. Open wx360. Go to file > Open. Open your iso for CodWaW
    When opened it will look like this.

Now this is very important, Go down until you see default.xex, Right click and extract to desktop.

Go up to Code_Post_Gfx.ff and replace with the modded file you downloaded.
Go down to Common.ff and replace with the modded file you downloaded
Go down to nazi_zombie_prototype.ff and replace with the modded file you downloaded.

Wait until they are done.

Replace the default.xex with the one you extracted to the desktop
(we do this because when you replace the other files with the modded one the default.xex gets corrupted. So we replace it after with the uncorrupted one.)

Exit out of wx360

  1. Open ImgBurn
    Go to Tools > Settings > Write tab

Copy the following settings.

Press Ok

Now press write Image to File to disk

Choose your speed for burning (i suggest 2.4 or 2 for it to properly burn without any mistakes)

Go to open file… You should of noticed the .dvd file that you have.

IMPORTANT: Make sure you open the .dvd file. NOT the .iso file.

ImgBurn should look like this.

Now burn the disk

After a while it will pop-up with something that says “Failed to close dvd tray, close the tray and press ok” or something along those lines,

Close the tray and press OK.

It will verify your disk.

Wait until this is done then you will hear a nice little jingle informing you that your disk is done.

  1. If you have a flashed xbox you can just put the disk in and play it other wise you will need to HotSwap

YouTube - How to Hot swap on the Xbox 360 Part 1

If you have a BenQ drive you can do a trick that allows you to hotswap without opening your xbox.

YouTube - Hot Swap without taking apart Xbox 360! (WORKING!)

Hope i helped some of you and if you have any question you can message me on here.

sweet…good wori with long depths of details ans useful info…good job

Nice tut. Only gripe is Memorex is crap. I’d stick with Verbatim, nothing else.

Verbatim is the best and i have heard of Memorex messing up, but just telling people some options.

Good Job Bro (:
Niice Toutoriaaal …

Nice tutorial

buy verbatims please dont waste ur money on cheap dl dvds like i did the 1st time