How to Jtag an Xbox [Step by Step Video Tut]

How To Jtag
(credit to troy2062)

Step One:

Open Me

Step Two:

Open Me

Step Three:

Open Me

Step Four:

Open Me

Step Five:

Open Me

yea atleast you gave troy crdit hes really good when it comes to jtaging

Im glad to give such an awesome man Credit :smile:

It’snice to seecredit given but the last 2 threads you’ve posted are off another user from TTG… I mean, copy/pasting isn’t really that fun. ;( Should make your own. <3

Im krook3d from TTG so im copying and pasting my own posts :smile:

Ye but if your gonna copying your topic from ttg change it so its not the same as the ttg post
copying and pasting gets you no where

Its my own info and i got and ok from Chris

I see you used the avi i made for a sig. So i remade it for a signature.

Also, Theres a lot of tuts on jtagging. :confused:

Whats the diffrance

Nice format and layout very well stuctured for a user friendly tut thumbs up

could u possibly give me a tutorial on how 2 do a 10th lobby PLLZ;)