How to level up Crucible rank fast?

Any tips on how to level up the crucible rank quickly? It seems to take ages and there are only 5 bounties available daily. I’m only rank 1 and it feels like I have been forever!

Any tips?

Bounty’s and playing crucible. If you choose a hard bounty such as getting 50 head shots, throughout each game you get 10 reputation. Lets say you get 5 headshots per game. Once you reach 50 head shots, you accumulated 100 reputation.

Win games.

Do nightfall I think that gives you an extra 10% towards XP

You could also sell materials to the Crucible Quartermaster. There is a really nice spinmetal chest run in the rocket yard. Can get 100-150 in about an hour. You get 25 rep 5 marks and 250 glimmer per 50 materials. Thats the way ive been doing it.

Thanks, I’ll give this a go.

Ya just play the pvp to get better results cause it seems to go by pretty quick even if you lose you still get rep and more if you win…ya the chest farm for spinmetal is a good thing to do also but the ratio is kind of crap unless you can pop 100+an hour and stack them ya it helps alot i did it and ended a farm with 798 spinmetal in a almost a all day farmand you get glimmer and other parts not to mention all the engrems also and i have also gotten a legendary engrem from a chest becore the loot update

Just do Bounties, play crucible and try and get loads of the materials for exchange.

If anyone wants to run in the Iron Banner playlist on the X360 than just message me your GT.
(I’m trying to run with a full 6x man squad so we don’t have to worry about idiot randoms.)

I’m not too picky on K/D or anything, but as long as you know how to play the objective and can actually obtain a kill. Lol