How To Make 40 Cent?

Im so upset. I was going to buy Farcry 4 and bought a $50 card. I got home and used it. Turns out I have $59.59.
I tried my paypal account and it says something went wrong. So im so desperate for 40 cent. Haha is there a way to earn said 40 cent? I really dont want to wait till Tuesday when I get paid just to buy a $15 card. :confused:

PM me your Paypal account email, I will gift you 40 cents, why not? Tis the season.

Dirty Santa can be nice…for those who be naughty.

I know that they give out $2 dollar codes periodically. I got one but I used it. Just keep an eye on your email.

I think he said the Paypal wasn’t working. :confused:

Sign up to xbox rewards.

if you’re buying on xbox live, just remember that tax is included. so you will need more than 40 cents

I already am and have been for about 3 years now. But good suggestion. Other then that not much I can do

have you already claimed the reward points?