How to make a capture card for free! must read tut

[INDENT]ALL you need is a camra or a video camra that has a input slot and you need a
cord that you can plug in the tv

1st find camra

2nd find the
input hole in the camra

3rd plug cable in tv then in the input

4rth turn on camra and when its on you will see whuts on the tv on your
camra coment

video tut

Ill try it. Sounds good. thanks for posting!

no prob

we dont see well what you doing :s could you remake a video with better quality or just more light :smile:

You need a large memory space for this to be useful though or else in some cases you’ll only be running off 1GB of memory at a time.

I think most cameras that are new don’t have the input holes, they just have a usb or a memory chip and the quality will probably be bad.