How to Make Awesome Emblems on Black Ops!


How to Make Yoshi


Cool Emblem Affects


Super Hero Emblems


Ghost Busters & Sonic



[size=30]PedoBear ( For Lolvo :smile: )[/size]


( There are more Videos. But these are my favorites )

( All Thanks to Pepsi for the recording )

I will put up more videos later.

you have to put a pedobear one up for Lolvo it will match his avatar :stuck_out_tongue:

I love pedobear and I’m making a Mr.Awesome emblem.

Update: Pedobear is up! :smile:

thank you for not having a tut on how to make a di*k

Those are some pretty sweet designs, I am working on buying all the layers and pictures, I want to make either Boba Fett or Mysterion from south park

i made pokeball, if you wanna see fr ilikecheetahs then clik view cod card

I made a fcking NINJA. Eat sht n00bs.

That is beast! Like the Ninja one! :smiley:

Sweet Dude Nice Tut you should slow down just a tad on the speed of vid tho haha trying to keep up with it and all (:

I made a Playboy Bunny. :smiley:

my batman one looks 100 times better than that lol xD

Nothing beats a Playboy Bunny!!! :stuck_out_tongue:

Please, Don’t

JK <3

i made a skeleton with a shirt on YIPEEEEEEEEEEEEE and arms and hands more doodoo around the world

Dude abboz your emblem is awesome like its perfect lol