How to make it look like youre playing MW3 beta on Xbox Live with pic

[size=20]Ok so i haven’t seen any other posts for this but if there is then post the link

Any ways this is a tutorial to make it look like you’re playing the MW3 Beta on Xbox live to trip your friends out

Credit to theartftw from TTG (saw it on his profile so i thought id make a tut on it)

  1. Copy this without the Quotes “Disrespect and you’ll Disconn… Playing Modern Warfare 3 Beta” (you can change the disrespect thing but i suggest keeping it because it makes the Modern Warfare 3 Beta fit perfectly)

  2. If you wish to have the Trademark logo which looks more legit go Here and copy it in the first sentence and paste after the 3

  3. Make sure you don’t have a motto otherwise it’d look less legit

  4. Paste what you copied in step 1 in the name for your Xbox live profile

  5. Stay at the dashboard so it seems like a legit beta.

  6. Play along with you having the beta

If you want to see what it looks like add my account, ill accept, then go to your friends and see what your friends will see

XBL = LEAPLNG LLAMA (Please delete me after you see what it looks like)


Cool i’m gonna do it later.

This was already posted i think when i was looking through the mw3 section.

That’s different.

this is for your friends who see your name on xbl

Ohhh. >.<

This is a different method.

It makes it look alot more legit if you appear busy or away

yeah but then they’ll go to your profile and look and then if they look at your bio and stuff they can tell its fake. but chances are they wont so you should be good if you go away or busy

updated with a picture for people to see what it looks like without friending me (sorry for double post)

Thanks for this bro. Will use :smile:

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im gonna try this.

I tried this but for some reason the playing modern warfare 3 beta part is one space behind my online status? I double checked spelling and everything, anyone know what I did wrong?

can you take a picture of it so i can see

I will have to take the picture tomorrow :anguished: Sadly I have to go for the night as it is 1:57 AM at the moment I will PM you tomorrow. Thanks will be given for the help! :smile:

Awesome, Gonna try this later :laughing:

I tried this and tricked a few of my friends. Nice tut., but I suggest using the Registered Trademark symbol after Modern Warfare 3 not the Trademark symbol as it looks more legit.

yeah i know i thought of that after i made the tut and took the picture haha but doesnt really matter, people will still fall for it :thumbsup:

LOL. Nice find