How to make Minecraft Less Laggy (Smoother)

Hey there, I have had Minecraft for a long time, and it use to be so, so laggy that I could barely even play the game. Now if you are having this problem then you came to the right place. There are a few easy steps that only take about 1 to 2 minutes.

  • Open Minecraft
  • Go to options
  • Render Distance should be set to “Tiny”
  • Limit Frame rate should be set to “On”
  • Graphics should be set to Fast
  • Now your done!

There more this is the last thing to do in order to make Minecraft smoother…

  • Open up “Task Manager”
  • Make sure to have Minecraft open while doing this, right click on Minecraft hit go to process
  • Right click again on the task called “javaw” click set priority to “High”
  • Now your officially finished, Enjoy.

I hope this helps the people that are having a rough time with Minecraft.

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I find it to hard to play in Tiny. I just have to cope with it until Xmas :smile:

thanks bro, now i can play without lag :smiley:

I like it with Tiny. Plus its better then nothing.

Also, use CC Cleaner to clear your cache and temp files.
Then run Gamebooster.

Both are freeware. Google them.

Tiny makes it a wee bit too foggy for me, and if you have any further problems after this it’s because the Beta uses more CPU (Bugs, I’m assuming. I highly doubt Notch would have made that intentional.)

deleting it would probably work better

Alternatively you could stop using your mothers ****ty netbook and get a real PC.