How to make the lurkers active

**->**I was just wondering how is possible to convert a heretic lurker into a active user in the community.
Just making this post so we can start brainstorming the place.

ps: I though making giveaways could wololo this users but seems they are more hard to convert.

That’s the million dollar question.

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Motivation. You can buy leachers attention with giveaways but after that they will disappear.


This is a difficult topic, I see myself lurking too some days when im not playing games or dont have anything to talk about, but maybe some interesting events or challanges can bring some ppl out from lurking? :stuck_out_tongue:


Any ideas for challenges?

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Could you maybe implement some feature to get WP from doing something on the forum. Because i have a feeling about people just visit the main page or something to get their daily WP and move on of the day.

If there was more “rewards” for being on the forum it would probably be more activity.
Of course this have to be more than just 100 points for a post or a like or whatever.

That would just implement spamming.

Edit, i think at least WP points can be a good motivation to be active on the forum as well you know :slight_smile:

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a challenge could perhaps be something like finishing a certain game or part of a game as fast as possible? :stuck_out_tongue: That would be kinda fun.

Problem with that, it that people isnt going to be active on the forums.
Its the same as the WP problem now, people visit the main page probably just get their daily WP and then leave again because the forum, they dont really care about it.

So, im not bashing on your idea. Because it could become something cool.
Buy it wont get people active here on the forum.