How to make your iTouch or iPhone a USB


This tutorial will show you how to make your iTouch or iPhone into a usb.

[/size] [size=30][b]Uses -[/b][/size] Modding Playing music on your xbox or another console Using for school purposes Just to have a usb.
  • First- Your iTouch or iPhone must be Jailbroken. If you can install cydia without a jailbroken device, go for it.
    You can Jailbreak your device by visiting JailbreakMe on your device, or by simply doing it with your computer.
    Some popular modding tools/sites

  • Second
    How to install?
    Just head on over to Cydia and add the repo –

  • Third
    Create a default disk

    You can determine how big you want it, since my iTouch is 64gb i made one for 20gb. Make a reasonable amount of space.

  • Fourth- After you have made your partition plug in your device and head over to iTunes. As you can see in the picture below you will see a separate partition.

    Now all you have to do is drag the files you want into the folder, or you just simply click file open file, inside the folder.

    Congrats! You can now use this for modding and much more.
    Hope this has helped!
    Sorry if already posted, but I searched.
    Thank you who ever took these screenshots.

A 200$ usb is the best idea ever! :stuck_out_tongue:

I thought didnt work anymore.

I dident say its just meant for a usb.
Made this for people who have an iTouch or iPhone and need a usb.

Works for 4.0 and below I think.

So a 200$ usb?

Its works for 4.1.2 and below.

Thank you.

It’s a $200 iPod that can be used as a USB.

Thanks for the tut, just lost my last USB stick and this’ll save me buying another :thumbsup:

Yeah its great because you can expand the space and set how much you want.

wow so now everyone can have a usb this is an awesome tut too bad my ipod got stolen but anyways very good tutorial

Lol, I saw a €300 162GB Micro Usb.

Lol, I dont get why people would need that much space, its like a separate partition.

Your iTouch or iPhone must be Jailbroken. If you can install cydia without a jailbroken device, go for it.

Epic win.

This means you need to Partition off your Ipods HDD, Which is stupid. Why not just buy a USB?

I’ve been doing this for ages. You can do the same thing with a nano. Just plug it in, lol.

This is easier if you need to use a USB flash drive really quick. I had a 16gb touch and only used around 4gb, so I just did this. It has served me well, and I didn’t have to spend money on a flash drive.

And, you can still use the iPod. I see no loss.

When you have a useless 8GB iPod Touch layin’ around, this can be useful. :thumbsup:

Can this be formatted to xbox lol


**** ME IM DOING THIS ****

[b]amazing tutorial antman! i have a usb but its so small and i am always loosing it :stuck_out_tongue:

ill try this :smile:[/b]