How to Mod 360 Saves with PC [Skyrim]



  • Skyrim for Windows
  • A USB or HDD Transfer Cable for your Xbox 360
  • Horizon


USB Method

Getting Your Save from Your Xbox 360 to the PC

Above is the same concept but only with a profile. So instead of going to profiles navigate to your games and select Skyrim.

After you have moved the save to your HDD or USB insert it into your computer.[/size]



Making the Save Playable on PC


First you will want to open Horizon.

Next open your device in the device explorer. [You may have to run as Admin]

Now navigate to your Xbox 360 save.
Games > Skyrim

Open the save in Horizon and then navigate to the Contents Tab.

Now right click on the savegame.dat file and choose extract.

Extract the file to; My Documents > My Games > Skyrim > Saves
Save as name.ess [The save must have .ess]
*If you do not have the following folders please create them then.

You are now finished.[/size]


Moving the Save Back on to Your Xbox 360

[size=20]Once you are done editing your save open your save back in to Horizon.

Now right click and select replace.

Choose your save in the folder you extracted to earlier.
[My Documents > My Games > Skyrim > Saves]

Click rehash & resign and you are now done.


Additional Notes

[size=20]Start up Skyrim and either press continue or select the save you would like to load. When Skyrim loads pres the ` key [found in top left corner] to access console command.

Console commands can be found here;
Item ID’s

Dragon Shout ID’s

Skill and Perk ID’s

Spell ID’s


Can’t Mod Your Own?

Request a save mod here.[/size]

Granted, your tutorial has pictures…but the 360 to pc method of modding is already posted here.

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