How to Mod Assassin's Creed Brotherhood

thanks man will give this a shot:thumbsup:

why would you not want to make a backup? good tut overall though.

Because I don’t like the way Hex Workshop Backs Up files.

In general you dont like the way they backup the file. Ex : .bak,

Nice tut. Worked perfectly :smile:

Is the game even out yet? And their is a mod? OMG this is crazy! Are their people with lives out their?

Sweet tut. I will try it when i get it.

I don’t even own the game and I have a life but it took me about 2 minutes last night to find this all it requires is knowledge of the int values and endians for example this game uses int16 little endian.

Are you SUPER SERIAL??? it hasnt been out one day, and yet someone mods it. **** xbox is in the trash…

Tip of advice games are always leaked to flashed xboxes :stuck_out_tongue:

It took me 30mins to figure out and make the tutorial, which I did after returning home from college. Everyone has a life. Don’t be so nieve.