How to mod black ops custom class names (USB)

Hey guys Infinity Ward here and today im bringing you a tutorial but this time its for black ops. (Lulz MY account name is infinity ward Lulz)

Horizon and Xero --Links at bottom–
1GB Usb Stick

1:Make sure your black ops classes are the original:
Custom 1
Custom 2
Custom 3
Custom 4
Custom 5
(If you have more just rename them to the original)

2:Move your profile from your HDD to your Usb.

3:Go back to the dashboard to where you see “Play Game” and remove the Usb from your xbox and stick it in your computer (Thats what she said, Lulz)

4:On your computer open up horizon and wait for your device to be loaded.

5:Once your device is loaded goto “Gamer Profiles” and find your profile and extract it to your desktop.

6:Open the Package Manager in horizon and open your profile thats on the desktop, once it opens up goto “Contents” and if you see “41560855.gpd”, thats black ops, and just extract it to your desktop aswell.

7:Open xero and goto the black ops gpd editor

8:On the black ops gpd editor you should see “Open” but you will notice there is a little arrow next to that, all you have to do is click that and hit “Open GPD” and open the 41560855.gpd on your desktop

9:Once you opened the gpd you should see three sections, Campaign, Zombies, and Multiplayer the multiplayer is the very last box.

10.Goto the very last box and scroll down and you should see the following:
set customclass1 "CUSTOM 1"
set customclass2 "CUSTOM 2"
set customclass3 "CUSTOM 3"
set customclass4 "CUSTOM 4"
set customclass5 "CUSTOM 5"
set prestigeclass1 "CUSTOM 6"
set prestigeclass2 "CUSTOM 7"
set prestigeclass3 "CUSTOM 8"
set prestigeclass4 "CUSTOM 9"
set prestigeclass5 “CUSTOM 10”

11:You can add colors and buttons ----Codes @ the bottom— and once your done just click “Save”.

12:Once you saved that go back onto horizon and back to the package manager and go back to the contents and find “41560855.gpd” amd right click and replace it with the modded one, after doing that hit save, Rehash, Resign.

13:Go back to “Gamer Profiles” find your profile and replace it with the modded one on your desktop For Example:E00TY44304FME)

14:Close horizon and put your usb back into your xbox and put your profile back on you HDD.

15:Boot up Black ops and if done right you should have Colored Classes or Button Madness. (You cant get banned for this it still works)

Horizon:You know were lulZ
Xero: Xero.exe
If your using norton disable the anti virus autoprotect because norton is ******ed and thinks absolutley everything is a virus, lulz.

^2:Lime Green
^4: Dark Blue
^5:Light Blue
^6: Purple
^8:Tan or Black (i dont remember)
^F:Flashing (yes you can make your custom class names flash by putting ^F before a word or whatever.)

Buttons:Just use Ez GT and copy and paste the weird symbols.

REMINDER:You can edit the name of the prestige classes even if you dont have them unlocked but you cant use them they’re just modded lulz.

Couldn’t you get banned for GDP modding (as your bring a modified GDP online)

No, There was a way to host a 15th lobby online with gpd’s but they patched it and if you attempt it you get a perma ban, you dont get banned unless you tamper with gameplay like using the 14 sensitivity mod that you CAN still do with Xero.

Still a little uneasy about doing it…

so long as you dont make a video showing off your custom class names you’ll be fine; i’ve had my class names modded on my 15th prestige acount for months

Lol Xero keeps crashing… Something isn’t right…

Nice post man.

Great TuT.

Very Good.

I have done it before like for 3 prestige’s and didn’t get banned, so I wouldn’t worry about a ban, but doesn’t mean you can’t get banned

Well I tried it once and it didn’t work. I’m going to try one more time.
P.S. I didn’t use xero.

This was postedmonths ago during the 15th gpd thing.
Still nice to see it brought back to life, Iguess.

You have to use Xero just google it im pretty sure you can find an updated version

It works!

What’d you use, lol?

PS. The’re not updating Xero until they are done and release the complete one.

is there any more effects like how ^F is flash, would ^R be rainbow or if there are any other effects like those?

No to flash, disregard the previous i suck ****, rainbow you could replicate using ^2H^3e^4y ^5F^6a^7g

the character limit is really low on black ops so you’d have to split it up if yo uhave longer phrases

Lulz I was gunna mod my Clan Tag but I was like, “nahh…” xD

OT: Nice post. I see your wanting to take Treyarch down to make more room for MW3? (I.W and 3arc rivalry joke :stuck_out_tongue: )

well i know that i ment like just putting ^R or something then it would be like the DevTags on WaW where u use RAIN in the clan tag and it just goes through colors but okay thanks, ill just mess around with it and see if anything works

It doesn’t let me connect to the black ops server now that I did this

hey can i still do this with my clan tag and if u can is it possible to get banned for it