How to mod Black Ops Offline. (Zombies) (USB)

How To Mod Black Ops Offline (Zombies) (USB)
OK first off you will need these things:
Modio: MEGAUPLOAD - The leading online storage and file delivery service
Black ops Gpd: Gamefront

Steps on xbox:

  1. plug your USB device into your xbox.

  2. Configure it

  3. now place your profile on your USB stick.

  4. Delete the system cache by pressing y and delete system cache.

  5. disconnect from your router/modem/ethernet cable.

Steps on computer :

  1. Download the GPD and modio

  2. Replace the GPD on your profile with this one using modio.
    You can do this by opening modio, and open a divice. now find your profile and extract it to the desktop. Now drag it into modio and click profile content. Next find the 41560855.GPD. Right click and click replace file. Replace it with The modded one you downloaded.

  3. Click rehash and resign and close the little window not modio.

  4. Open your device up again and replace your old profile with your new modded one.

  5. plug your USB into your xbox again and put the modded profile onto your xbox.

  6. start up black ops and there you have it!


When extracting your profile, make a backup because your profile sometimes corrupts.

instructions on how to use mod:

Instructions Set One : Player Modifications :

  • Back Button = Toggle Noclip + Give Ammo + Give Freeze gun/Thunder Gun/Death Machine ( Depending on what map youre on )
  • DPAD UP = Toggle god mode
  • DPAD LEFT = Toggle third person
  • DPAD RIGHT = Toggle promod perspectives
  • DPAD DOWN = Drop current weapon
  • B button = Alien vision toggle ( Have no clue what to call this )
  • Left Bumper = Toggle cartoon mode on/off
  • Right Stick = Annihiliate all zombies On/Off ( Dont use it to kill the doctor or the game wont go past the round youre on )
  • Right Bumper = Changes to instruction set two, the weapon shop

Instruction Set Two : The Weapon Shop :

  • Back Button = Changes to instruction set one, player modifications
  • B Button = Drop ALL weapons ( Ray gun, M72, Death Machine, Etc, Etc )
  • Right Bumper = Toggles Game Speed ( Fast, Slow, Regular )

Infections :

  • Fully automatic triple burst and semi automatic weapons
  • Smexy bullet trails
  • Gun sticks out promod style ( Different from changing the promod perspective )
  • Essentially infinite melee range
  • Double tap = Godly now ( You have to buy the perk )
  • Far away revives
  • Infinite ammo
  • The chest doesnt move at all no matter how many times you use it
  • Faster walking speed
  • Zombie bodies fly up after you kill them
  • Really really long last stand time like 10+ minutes lol
  • With quick reload you can make any weapon fully auto by holding X and shooting ( Need the perk )
  • Perfect Wallhack
  • Simple FPS counter
  • No fog

~xZelno. This tutorial was brought to you by me >_< NOT COPIED AND PASTED… Enjoy :thumbsup:

Why would we download Modio, when Horizon is better?

True, Lol X3

But I for instance I use Modio and Horizon, Modio however is easier for meh.

Don’t you have to delete the TU to?

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It worked thanks

it doesnt work, i tried like 3 times :anguished:

Why would you want to mod offline anyways? It’s extremely boring.
And if you were going to mod offline why not do it on a jtagged console? Better mods and would be a lot easier.

didnt work tried it twice both time failed any ideas?

maybe because everyone doesn’t have a jtag.>.<

and yes i know i just double posted -.-

like we said above this method douse not work any more all this kid douse is double post and dor copy and paste peoples work…

It worked for me! On a usb

Who doesn’t know how to so this?
also this has been posted soooooooo many times.

You have to delete the Title update, clearing the system cache is irrelevant.

Does it work with TU7? Some people say ti doesn’t D:

I say it doesn’t, because if it did then we could do it online, which we can’t.

It wont work with TU7. e.g. call of the dead and Ascension etc…

Nice job stealing the ‘Obviously I don’t give a ****’ From me :wink:

On Topic: Nice job! Doing it right now. Lol just as I was about to go to bed because of boredum, I find this :thumbsup:

What do we need to do? Go to zombies mode or like in WaW, go ‘Resume Campaign’?

Dont forget Modio was the first main Aio Modtool and some people may still prefer modio to Horizon!.