How to mod Black Ops Zombies [JTAG]

This tutorial will teach you how to mod zombies to it’s full extent.
Using binds, dvars, .cfgs and more.

What you’ll need:
-XexTool or my easy app to decompress your XEX. Download: MEGAUPLOAD - The leading online storage and file delivery service
-HxD or any hex editing software. HxD:
-Black Ops default.xex

1. Make sure you default.xex is decompressed and decrypted.
If you XEX is the size shown below please move onto step 2.

If it’s not open the decrypter, select your default.xex and it’ll decrypt and decompress it.

2. Open your decompressed default.xex with HxD or some other hex-editing software.

3. Go to the offset: 0x50D58. (HxD users hit “CTRL+G” and type “50D58”.)
This is where you’ll write you bind that’ll call for .cfgs. If you want to do just noclip and say godmode you won’t need the .cfgs, just type "bind button_back “noclip;godmode”.

4. We’re going to make this XEX call for a .CFG when a button is pressed.
Simply type "bind button_back “exec CFGNAME.cfg” and null out the remaining bytes.

Do this by typing zeros over the bytes.

5. Now save your XEX, we’ll work on the .CFGs now.
Open notepad and begin to make yourself a .cfg. Use dvars, binds, etc. You can even call for another .CFG is you run out of buttons. (Like a virtual menu.)

6. Now save your .CFG.
Make sure you choose "File Type"as “Other” and the file name has to be “CFGNAME.cfg”, just like you did in the XEX earlier.

<3 another great tut by cccodyyyy

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again, a very nice tutorial cody. I will try this :wink: thanks bro

I wish…

how do you decompress it with xextool v5.2?

It does tell you on the app:

xextool -e d -c u default.xex

can you put each part in spoilers? like “what youll need” “Part 1” “Part 2”… i just think it would be easier to read each part so no ones accidentally misses a step

Cody was planning to mod crysis 2?

is there a way to mod the new zombie map in solo without a jtag

Good Tutorial!!

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