How To Mod Crysis 2 Stats


Modio: MEGAUPLOAD - The leading online storage and file delivery service
Crysis 2 GPD: 454108E3.gpd

If you don’t have Winrar: WinRAR archiver, a powerful tool to process RAR and ZIP files

Modded STATS:

XP 26447
Armor 11752
Power 739
Stealth 184
Time 03:19

Kills 107
Deaths 156
Assists 10
K/D 0.68
Streak 12

Accuracy 25.16%
Fired 2555
Hit 643
Missed 1912
Headshots 146

Wins 15
Losses 22
MVP 14
W/L Ratio 0.68
Streak 2

Skill Kills 79
Kills 107
Dog Tags 85
SK/K Ratio 0.73

The k/d is terrible. What level will this make you?

All the stats are terrible.

Maybe if you actually had a good account…25k xp can be achieved in like 3 hours

This is terrible and should be called ‘how to replace a gpd’ as it has nothing to do with editing stats whatsoever.

oh gawd, go ahead an ruin another game…

Uhh, someone send me there GPD and I’ll take a look.

You can switch out a .gpd in horizon, bro… :anguished:

I tried this, and everytime it corrupted my profile.

Isnt worth doing considering how poor the stats are, that is regardless of the fact that Crysis 2 is a good quality, well built game and deserves to be played properly :stuck_out_tongue:

… is this game out? o.o

Comes out tomorrow! (3/22/11) Or midnight if your going to the release. :thumbsup:

I never said anything about editing the stats, I said modding which means the act to modify something. I am replacing the gpd which is modifying the stats.

Sorry I got this GPD from xpgamesaves, I looked in the gpd and the files in the gpd and found out that the stats were encrypted.

modding stats is not the same as replacing stats with a whole new file… If you were to use hex editor to replace the stats, then yes that is modifying the stats. Replacing a file is NOT no matter what way you look at it.


why would you mod the stats to a days worth of play? With a bad K/D. Something tells me you didn’t even mod this, you just uploaded your personal GPD.

Wow good tut bro

Helps everyone!

Your pro


wrong the tut is garbage and so is this “mod”

i wont even watch because modio is in there >.<

This isn’t modding. This is swapping a gpd >_<