How to Mod Dead Space 2: Credits & Nodes

[size=20]Hey guys a new Tool just came out for Dead Space 2 so I thought i’d share!

It’s extremely easy to use and very useful, You can mod your Credits (In which you use to buy new Items, Armor, Guns… Etc) and Nodes (Which are used for upgrading Weapons, Armor, and Stasis).



1). Have a saved game of Dead Space 2 On your HDD

2). Once saved exit the game and take out your HDD

3). Hook your HDD up with your transfer cable via Computer

4). Open Xport360 and Find your DS2 Save (Partition 3/ Content/ Profile/ Save)

5). Once you have located your save drag it on your desktop

6). Open up the DS2 Save Editor and mod whatever you desire

7). Once finished with the modifications Save, Rehash and Resign, And place back into HDD.

Download the Tool: Here

Do not use program until it has been updated! I will update the thread once the update has been released! Thank you for your co-operation!



Another amazing thread by Biga <3

Cool ima go try it:thumbsup::thumbsup:

Go for it!

@PsycO: Thanks buddy <3

I posted this already it does not work

I love how members “try” to contribute to the community but don’t know the full info behind their “contribution”.

TO OP: please be aware that the GAMESAVE tool Renegade and Joshua T made DOES NOT work yet (the tool that this thread contains). as they stated the save has TWO checks. (they made a bigfile editor [aka ISO Mod] that works, I’ve tested the ISO mod before they released the editor and I can confirm that ISO modding this game does work, just not this gamesave editor)

Could you Please test before posting an non-working Tutorial

alot of people have been jumping the gun and posting Renegades and Joshua T’s un-finished tool all around different sites (so they felt like they contributed to those sites) and they are getting flammed by impatient users. If you read around you would know that it’s not working, no need for this to spread any farther.
Thread Reported to be Closed

First of all I was just about to edit the Thread with this information regarding a new update and not to use until the update is released. Second of all don’t come in here with that attitude thinking you know everything, You certainly don’t know what i’m capable of and last time I check iv’e contributed to the site A hell of a lot more than you. Congrats you copy and pasted something from there homepage. None the less it did help but completely un-useful and pointless. While were on the same subject of “Contributing” why don’t you contribute by not posting back. Thanks

Closing this until the update is released.
Biga, PM me when you have this sorted out man.