How to mod games that has not realesed yet

i forgot how to mod Achievements that has not released yet i use to do it a long time ago but i dnt remember i know i have to copy over another game to do it

You have to use the game adder to add .gpd files to your profile

i know how to add games i just forgot how to copy over a game lets say if i had cod2 id and wanted to make that id for bo3 i dont remember how to do that with hex editer

I don’t think you can change one game into another.

Add BO2 to profile (dont sync to live), open profile in HxD, search “bo2 titleid.gpd” replace the number/letters with bo3 and save, rehash and resign. Load onto console again and sign into live and it should change.

do you know the bo3 titleid.gpd and also what is a up to date sight that gives titled ids

I’m not 100% here, but it is most likely near impossible to get a title id for a game that hasn’t been released yet as there are no game play data files available to get the id’s from.