How to Mod Gears 3 Reup Level/Rank!

I take no credit for this as I did not find it. All credit goes to the founder Gears of Hell.

I confirm this works as I just did it.

I would personally suggest that you mod to level 99 & change your kills/deaths etc to twice as much as they were when you were first level 100. That way it seems more legit if they do check.

[i]My Current stats at level 100 reup 1. (Green level 100);
Matches won 2607
Matches lost 1941
Matches MVPs 610
Rounds drawn 270
Rounds Lost 9898
Special Events Played 11

Total Score 2065343
Kills 61002
Deaths 20573
Downs 7845
Assists 21232
Revives 933
Headshots 1099
Executions 120

I have also gone the extra mile of making sure the amount of games including wins/losses/draws for each game mode equals up to the amount of games I have lost/won overall.[/i]

Remember this is modding & there is always a chance of getting banned.

  1. FIRST THING you need a USB flash Drive

2.Horizon Diamond

3.Now Back -up Profile and Player Dat DATA

4.have you profile and Stats on your USB FLASH DRIVE

  1. Now Start Up GEARS 3

  2. load all your data from your USB ,Stay on the Menu Screen it should show your Main rank witch (if you RE-UP ) its low like 20 rank

8.Unplug your USB go on your Pc And mod your Stats on Horizon Save it and Plug it back in Your 360

9.Now you should see your Screen saying Continue without saving or find a new place to save

  1. Pick find place to save . Now Load up Your USB …and select USB MU

11.Now it should still say your whatever rank you had before that fine now Sign out Sign in

12.Now it should be the level you modded it too.


gonan try this now…hopefully it works and i remain unbanned. Quick question did you do this on your main account or a dummy to test it out?

will post back with my results shortly.

My main account.

Quick tip. If you were previously level 100 legit (stats were legit) then just double your current stats when you mod in Horizon, because you’ll need atleast double your current if your modding to level 100 again.

I originally modded myself from 20 to 100 (first week of Gears 3 Horizon being released) and copied my level 100 legit gears 2 stats into horizon & never got banned lol.

You are basically modding it too level 200, so the stats must be realistic.

yeah thanks for the tip…may i ask your current stats? i might make mine similar

EDIT: Confirmed working. Scared for the ban…not sure if i’m going to re up 3 times right now. Thanks man.

How do i get it green mine is yellow?

I wouldn’t reup past the first one at the moment, give it a few weeks, let people get there legit then mod it, but again make sure your stats are logical

Updated OP with stats.

do you know what exact order reups go in? is it First (Yellow), Second (Red), Third (Blue) or something along those lines???

Feel free to PM me with any questions.

I’m currently red level 1. will do the rest legit.

doesnt work for me?

Don’t say it doesn’t work when you send messages to my inbox saying this lol…

Of course you need the DLC … what type of question is that :confused:

anyway to get for free?

The DLC?
If so, then no, not that I am aware of.

i want to set me level 50, how can i do it? with the editor i set it and gears reset me to my current level :anguished:

Make sure once you’ve edited all the stats, you click save & wait for it to rehash/save etc…

just like it says in the editor, you need to either sign out or dashboard it so the stats will sync correctly.

It took me a couple tries this morn, but I did hit 3rd “prestige” or rank-up or whatever its called

can you tell me the stats of a 40-50 lvl please? i´m 22 green

i think the stats all depend on how you play and which game within GEARS you play