How To Mod Halo: Reach Armor Color

So I was playing around with Reach and found this pretty awesome here’s how to do it.

  1. Extract profile onto Desktop then open up a Hex Editor (HxD)

  2. Do Ctrl+F and search your service tag Ex: Mines BiGA (Remember put in Unicode)

  3. From the first letter of your Service tag you just found go back 22 Bytes (So just go back 22 times)

  4. The 22nd Byte is the Primary Armor Color and 5 to the right of it is the Secondary Armor Color (under the FF)

  5. Change either of the 2 Colors (Scroll down for a list of Colors)

  6. Save Rehash and Resign and place back into HDD)

Here’s a list of Colors that you can put it that aren’t featured in the Game

Aqua = 10
Blue = 12
Brown = 1B
Cobalt = 13
Coral = 07
Crimson = 18
Cyan = 11
Gold = 09
Green = 0D
Khaki = 1D
Lavender = 17
Mauve = 04
Olive = 0E
Orange = 06
Orchid = 16
Pale = 0B
Peach = 08
Pink = 1A
Red = 03
Rubine = 19
Sage = 0C
Salmon = 05
Sapphire = 14
Silver = 01
Steel = 00
Tan = 1C
Teal = 0F
Violet = 15
White = 02
Yellow = 0A


Nice tutorial, I have to try this

awesome find (ur a deadmau5 fan too?)

Yes I am (:

And thanks guy’s I get a bunch of messages saying how I got my armor color to that pretty fun

Very nice TuT! Im gonna try this

am gunna try it now

Awe Thats cool man :thumbsup::thumbsup:

Dont forget to press Thanks

Cool I’m trying this now

Are there any colors on that list that aren’t normally available?

These are all colors normally found in the game.