How to MOD Mw3 online USB no JTAG

Helle xboxmb:D,

How to Mod Mw3 online with GPD ?

  1. You need to know how to open your GPD of your profile of MW3
  2. You need to search the online part in your GPD ( I wont explain you !!! )
  3. Save ans go online

You need to put this in the GPD :

set g_compassShowEnemies “1” // Shows Enemies on Radar always
set r_znear “35” //Things closer than this aren’t drawn.
set cg_drawFPS “1” //FPS in the upper right hand corner
set g_speed “900” // Speed and Movement Increased
set phys_gravity “99” //Bodys and glass float
set compassSize “1.5” // Bigger radar
set aim_autoAimRangeScale “999”

Got any proof you could share with us?

you guys must know how to get you gpd and edit

posted on tech game it works go check it out

if this is real, cover your buttholes…

Will tell you if it works in a couple minutes.

Link me to thread?

It is for jtag?

Read the thread title, that usually helps the basics of the thread.

/fail >_>

do it on a gamer profile you dont whant to get banned on (idk if you can get banned i have not yet)

btw what was the gpd number you used because you might of use the wrong 1 :expressionless:

the tag says jtag
/fail (>_>?)

He posted it in the tags. I can read the title, dumbass. It was a simple question.

What is >_> suppose to mean? You really thought you were cool posting it eh?

you dont need a jtag

i only putt jtag in tags because i said usb NO jtag

It’s a face. If you can read the title, you should use your head. Stupid questions are stupid.

It’s like asking if this thread is for modding MW3.


It is for modding MW3.

It was a question because he had it in the tags. Stupid posts are stupid posts.


Tags are auto generated and do not use common words like “no”.

Who the hell cares if its in the tags, the title clearly says “no jtag” do you not read the title and go straight to the tags when you click a thread?

Thank you. I was not aware.

That answers my question. :smiley:

I use both. If the tags read differently I question it. Any other questions?

No one is using the wrong GPD I know how to look up a title id and extract that gpd.