How to Mod Player Height and Overall/Skill Point on NBA 2K11

This is Extremely Easy if you have used Hex Editor before. It will take 5 minutes.


-USB Flash Drive with at least 1GB on it or a transfer cable
-Ability to Download Files
-Ability to Run Programs as Admin

Overall Hack[details=Open Me]
-I Find This One to be the easiest

0.Clear System Cache

1.Make A NEW Profile that has not connected to xbox live and save to USB, then move your main profile to USB if you want to use the player online

2.Make a New MY Player and save to USB

3.Open Horizon

4.Open the Device Explorer

5.Find Your Save and extract to desktop with your main profile if your gonna use the player online

6.Open it in the editor(in downloads)

7.In the bottom box, type in DE and then click save

8.Drag save and profile(if using online) into modio .

9.Switch the ID’s on The save to the one on your profile.

10.Rehash and Resign and move back to device.[/details]

Skill Point Hack[details=Open Me]

1.Move your My Player to usb

2.Open in Horizon

3.Open Device Explorer

4.extract the save to desktop

5.Open in Editor

6.Type the amount of skill points you want

7.Click “Save”

8.Rehash/Resign and Move back over to device and overwrite original file.[/details]

Height Hack[details=Open Me]

1.Clear System Cache

2.Make a new profile and do not connect to live

3.Make a new My Player and save to USB

4.Move main profile to USB if you want to use the my player online

5.Open Horizon and Device Explorer

6.Extract the save and your profile(profile is only if you wanna play it online)

7.Open the save it in Hex Editor

8.Click on Search then “Goto”

9.Paste this in 03731A0 and click on “dec”. then press Enter

10.Where the Numbers are (the 00’s and crap) paste one of these in (not in the 00’s, the numbers that aren’t 00.

42 2A 2E 18 43 AF : for 1’5 myplayer

43 66 BA 48 43 AF : for 7’6 myplayer

43 6B C3 48 43 AF : for 7’8 myplayer

43 6F CA 48 43 AF : for 7’10 myplayer

44 2A 2E 18 43 AF : for 25’ft myplayer

41 2A 2E 18 43 11 : for a 0’4 inch myplayer

49 2A 2E 18 43 AF : for 5’7 my player

11.Save in Hex Editor and then rehash/resign and move back over to device(overwrite original file)

Video Tut

Downloads[details=Open Me]
NBA 2K11 Editor
Hex Editor[/details]

Note: This Post was also made on TTG by me.
How to Mod Player Height and Overall/Skill Point on NBA 2K11

Also, this post was made when Horizon was in Beta and did not have device explorer.

Reply if any problems and keep this alive.

nice copypasta

???. i made this post on TTG and simply moved it over here and re BB coded it. this is my post, PM me on TTG an i will tell you this is me.

Wow you use modio :stuck_out_tongue:

I made this tut when Horizon was still in Beta and did not have device explorer.

Just edited to Horizon. There you go;)

Holy sheet. 25 foot player?!

Waste of time,
Just to do this. Just Use a Game Modder!,
Who cares about the Height!

i do cause I wanna be an ogre that blocks without jumping, dunks with no sweat, and rebounds with no troubles. duhhh

I just wanna get the game for this!


And…because your not a nub. Most people like to be lazy.

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Great tutorial, do you know if the offsets were static or dynamic?

Stop being a douche atleast he has shared something unlike someone :confused: also your not funny like giving out a xbox staffs gamertag on a boosting thread to get the kid banned

@Drake_ thanks for the share and great tut I’ll have to try it out some time when I play the game again

Aren’t all sport games easily modded? This seems like it would be extremely fun to play around on xbox live with against other randoms lol

Who knows? Some sport developers are clever little pecckers.