How To Mod RDR Specific Guns Gold/Level/Legend/Mount w/ pics

Things you’ll need:
IxSN7xI’s Mod Tool: RDR MP Mod Tool.rar
My Red Dead Save: RDR2MPSAVE.SAV
Your own multiplayer save
Flash Drive

1: Open the mod tool and open my save

2: Choose Legend/Level(exp)/Mount

3a: For all gold guns, click “Unlock Golden guns”

3b: To pick which gold guns you want click “Show-Golden Gun Selection” and tick the guns you want using this list:
01- Volcanic Pistol
02- Semi-automatic Pistol
03- High Power Pistol
04- Mauser Pistol
05- Cattleman Revolver
06- Schofield Revolver
07- Double-action Revolver
08- LeMat Revolver
09- Repeater Carbine
10- Winchester Repeater
11- Henry Repeater
12- Evans Repeater
13- Springfield Rifle
14- Bolt Action Rifle
15- Buffalo Rifle
16- Sawed-off Shotgun
17- Double-barreled Shotgun
18- Pump-action Shotgun
19- Semi-auto Shotgun
20- Rolling Block Rifle
21- Carcano Rifle
22- ?
23- Knife
24- ?
25- Dynamite
26- Throwing knife
27- ?
28- ?
29- ?
30- Tomahawk
31- ?

4: Make sure to tick “No” next to “Rehash/Resign?” and save

5: Open Modio, drag and drop the modded save into it

6: Drag and drop your save into it and copy ur IDs into the modded save
7: Rehash and Resign the modded save

8: Plug in your flash drive and replace your RDR MP save with the modded one using “Explore a Device”

Hoped i helped!
~Modded Warfare
How To Mod RDR Specific Guns Gold/Level/Legend/Mount w/ pics

Nice. I’ve been looking for a good RDR tool. :smile:

Well enjoy!

When I put 50 5Th Legend, it made me level 5 with 5th legend any suggestions?

Will this work on undead nightmare?

nice! i think i’m gonna download this. i don’t like the RDR tool on Modio anyway. :smile: