How to mod skyrim

so im new to modding and im trying to use horizon to do so but it wont let me drop any exs files or save files please help

If you’re trying to add PC mods or saves it’s not going to work through Horizon. If that’s what you’re trying to do you need to use console commands through the PC version of the game.

@Zodiac could probably give you some pointers on this.


thank you

If you’re trying to import just a save game, then open your 360 save in horizon and click on the contents tab. From there, right click on Savegame.dat and click replace. Now select the .exs or .ess file to replace it. But first, you need to make sure you change the filename of the .exs or .ess to “Savegame.dat” - After that you can replace the one in the contents tab. Once you’re done, click Save, Rehash & Resign a couple times and you should be good to go.

.exs is the file format for xbox, .ess is the PC file format. To convert a PC save to xbox, rename the .ess to “Savegame.dat” and replace the current .dat inside of the .exs file. To convert from 360 to PC, extract the Savegame.dat from the .exs file in Horizon, and rename it to savegame.ess

Now, if you’re trying to install a modpack from a site such as nexusmods, chances are the mod will not be compatible with the 360 version of the game. This is because most Skyrim mods require a separate framework to be installed just for the mods to function properly without crashing the game. Since you can’t install these frameworks on the xbox, it’s unlikely that any mod from those sites will work.

Theoretically, you could use a RGH or JTAG xbox to run some PC Skyrim mods, but it would be more of a hassle than anything. You’re better off buying the game for PC if you want to use all the cool mods out there.