How to mod The Avatar Legends (Indie Game | Text Tutorial)

[size=35]Step By Step

How to Mod

The Avatar Legends.
(Indie Game)[/size]

Step 1: [details=Open Me]Plug USB into xbox 360 and navigate to My Xbox>System Settings>Memory>Hard drive


Step 2: [details=Open Me]In the Hard drive select Games>Indie>AvatarLegendSave-Multiplayer and move it to USB

Select Move and Move it to your Memory Unit


Step 3: [details=Open Me]Once its transfered to your Memory Unit Unplug and Plug into PC. And open up Horizon. When Horizon is open It should automatically open Device Explorer with everything on your USB listed. To fined your game save Click Games>Indie Games and your save should be there.


Step 4: [details=Open Me]Once you fined your game save using Horizon’s new Device Explorer right click on your game save and click Extract. After you do that it will prompt you to save it at a location of your choosing. To make it easier I recommend extracting it to your desktop so you know right where it is.


Step 5: [details=Open Me]Once extracted fined your game save on your desktop it should look something like the file you see below. Fined your save game and drag it into Horizon. You should know see all the package/save game information .ect


Step 6: [details=Open Me]Click contents on your save game.


Step 7: [details=Open Me]You should now see four files. Right click and extract profilesystem.xml and save it to your desktop.


Step 8: [details=Open Me]On your desktop you should see a .txt file like the one below. Open it up and you should see a lot of information don’t worry I will break it down for you in the next step :thumbsup:


Step 9: [details=Open Me]All the information you see is what you will be changing AKA modding so you become super powerful and get some sexy looking weapons. The “0” is the number that changes whats in the game.

L=“0” ~ This is your level change this to what ever you want. I would just stick with “99” because I do not know the level cap in this game and I would rather be safe and not have the game freeze.

<XP>0</XP> ~ This is how much XP your character has earned.

<Gold>0</Gold> ~ This is how much Gold your character has. If you change the"0" to “3000000” you will be able to buy everything.

STR=“0” STA=“0” E=“100” S=“0” I=“0” W=“0” ~ These are the skills in the game. All of them max out to “100”

STR = Strength

STA = Stamina

E = Endurance

I = Intelligence

W = Wisdom


Step 10: [details=Open Me]Once you are done changing the values to your liking save the text file and go back to Horizon and click on the profilesystem.xml and Right click and click Replace. Select the text file on your desktop (the one that you change all the values in)


Step 12: [details=Open Me]“Save, Rehash and Resign”.

Once it’s done rehashing and resigning Click “Save to Device” (Overwrite “Yes”)


Step 13: [details=Open Me]Safely remove USB and plug back into Xbox. Move the save back on to your hard drive and then Launch up the game[/details]

Step 14: [details=Open Me]Have Fun…Happy Modding :thumbsup:[/details]

Nice tutorial! Good job.

You can open the save in the package manager directly from the device.

I would just change steps 3 and 4 to “Double click your save file, this opens it in the package manager.” Or something like that.

Nice to see you using horizon and not modio in the pictures…
Yeah thats right modio- horizon is better

So easy…a caveman can do it.

Great tutorial! I don’t have the game, but I read through and it’s simple and easy to follow keep it up bro:)

I see. But either way you do it you will successfully mod it. Thanks for the positive feed back.

I did this, but I get to the menu with all my maxed stats and you can’t leave it without increasing stats because you just get “You have 10 points to assign” I made one 90 but I can’t increase it for some reason. :expressionless:


The only thing I can think of is just re-mod your savegame and change the “90” to “100” if you want it maxed out. If you made one of your skills “90” and you want to add “10” Attribute points to it through game, wouldn’t be easier to max it out in the first place. IDK I think this answer’s your question. If it doesn’t try to ask the same question a different way please. :smile:

i bought he game just to mod it because you tut is friggin amazing! :smiley:

Haha Ya Its a fun game with mods. And thanks I hoped it was easy to understand. Thank you very much for the feedback. Its people like you that give me the motivation to do more tuts :thumbsup:

and now the files aren’t even appearing lol figures nothing goes smooth for me

Explain maybe I can help :smile:

Go into matchmaking, host a lobby…make it private then kill a couple trolls, leave then the playersystem.xml should be there.

oh ok ill try that thanks kink and you to fault for offering to help

Yes! I second this notion :thumbsup:

so ya what kink sed worked thanks guys btw im ganna look into modding leaderboards and rank to it may be possible and also im ganna test to see if the game will freeze if you go over 100

*tested: 500 works on all stats and level

Awesome thanks for testing that. And I’m sure its possible to mod Leaderboards. If you go your hard drive on your xbox and go to Games>Indie Games> You see AvatarLengend-Highscores So maybe you edit that and change your Global High Score to something ridiculous. You should try that. IDK if that will work just a thought.

let me know if figure something out :thumbsup:

EDIT: (Rank) in the profilesystem.xml file if you look at <MP C_L=“99” I=“1” G=“FaultlessWall”> I think I=“1” is Rank

I know for a fact "L=“99” is Your level

Mod all stats to 99999

<AP R=“0” = Rank.