How To Mod Years on Xbox LIVE and get the NXE Watermark

Text Tutorial:

1.) Open up Horizon and sign in Must be Diamond Member/VIP to mod years
2.) Click on Profile mods then Profile Data Editor
3.) Click open and find your profile (must extract from hard drive)
4.) Then click on Crown and choose the number of years you want displayed on your profile
5.) Once you have chosen the number of years, click save.
6.) Lastly, put your profile back into your hard drive (:

Download Links:
Download Horizon for a faster way of modding your years
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Did you even ask LuPo if you could post this?
Just saying but anyways thanks for sharing

But you can just do this with Horizon…

yeah, I guess this is for the people without DMND

are u kidding me??? FAIL!

Horizons WORKS and is alot better, just buy diamond!

horizon is the easiest thing everything ever

Indeed it is :thumbsup: added link for Horizon for the people who cant find it on the first page you see when you go on here…

Horizon = Boss!

This has already been posted in the Diamond section, using Horizon.

I will leave this thread open, if OP can find/upload a video showing Horizon’s method.

uploading a video now… ill replace the other one as soon as its done uploading


Wtf is a NXE Watermark?

horizon is better

Hell yea nigga.
Horizon FTW!

Shows that they were a part of the NXE Launch Team; goes next / under the gamertag. Although I don’t advise it.

I haven’t even opened the profile tool on Horizon yet, does it have that option or is it just the crown?

Crown = 1-10 years
Watermark = tier 1-3 (no NXE)

the watermark is behind gamerscore / zone

Lol, like Lupo has ever researched his own mod…ever. All he does it make videos of simple hex edits or tools, ups a video and then a month later deletes all his videos and reups them as if they are now something new.

Crown = 1 - 10 years
Milestone = Tier 1 - 3 (aka Bubbles)
NXE = Launch Team, NXE Launch Team, NXE+360 Launch Team

The nxe watermark dosent work dose it

Horizon doesn’t have the feature…