How to mod your Gamer Score Using Horizon (More Tuts coming soon)

This is my first tut on how to use horizon so yeah more coming soon this one is on how to mod gamer score.Tell me how i did and what i should add in and what i did good

Use this:



Alright, lets do this.

  1. Edit you videos to make them shorter. There were a LOT of pauses, and a video like this shouldn’t be 5 minutes long.
  2. PLEASE don’t use Modio in a Horizon 360 tut.

That is all, for now.

Lulz, i agree with the new horizon there was no point in using modio for what you did.

Try to boost and level out the volume a bit, I had to turn up my speakers a bit, and the volume of your voice seemed to be going up and down.

Try recording your own screen with better software, because right now it looks like ****. Check out Camtasia Studio and record in 720p.

This. Your screen started twitching at like 3:36 lol.

i just do it to double check to make sure it is rehashed and resigned so yeah because back a long time ago when i started modding by me ordering my transfer cable off ebay lol thats all i used and what i used to trust but yeah i will start to just use horizon from now on

thanks for your opinion :smile:

can your gamer score get reset doing this?

Yes, but you also just bumped like, a month+ old topic… lol

is there anyway to unlock the achivements online using the unlocker?

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