How To Obtain Badges

Here is a list on the ways one may obtain the badges at XboxMb.

This badge is for the elite four, the Horizon developers. They work on the program, Horizon.

This obtainable through showing progress and experience as a Veteran Moderator. As well as other determining factors.

Show true knowledge of moderating, and leadership as a Super Moderator.

This is chosen by the staff, as long as you the follow the rules you are eligible.

This badge is for the people who stand out as an exemplary poster in the Horizon forum sections, specifically Horizon Support.

PNETS are randomly chosen members, or in some cases members that stand out for their keenness towards bug reporting.

Those with YouTubes, or forums that have a significant amount of unique visitors and are active content providers.

Follow the rules, go above and beyond community expectations. Stand out as a member, and show that you’ve contributed in ways that prove you are indeed, epic.

Win MOTM, this badge only last’s 1 month and then you must reclaim it by winning again.

The top 5 posters on the site are given this badge.

Members that signed up on before the 5th of November 2009.

Upgrade to Diamond membership, found here.

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Nice post. Old timer is for members who signed up on before November 5, 2009 though :smile:

Good Job man. :Thumpsup:

I am not sure if I did, did I sign up before November 5? Which I presume is move bag from se7ensins.

nice postt. keep it uupp.

Thanks for the good feedback guys and i hope this helps people.

Great guide :smiley: my goal is to get into this area.


pretty cool :smile:

Good luck trying to get epic man i hope you get it :smile:.

I think im almost there :smile: just have to post some good guides now :wink:, maybe some
tuts for the GFX section.

Ima be epic by the end of today. Just you wait,

Good luck getting epic :smile:.

Yes, good luck indeed.

I can haz? I signed up September 30th 2009. :anguished:
I still have my activation e-mail to prove it.

I’m happy I got my ‘Old Timer’ badge!

Same here and UNSC please contact a member of staff about old timer badge.

Thanks man :thumbsup:

You should add the “Founder” badge just for fun.

I do believe you missed some people, then.

It wasnt about everyone it was about the ones you can currently get.