How to play Minecraft with an Xbox 360 Controller

Premade Joy2Key: [You can just run it and use it, no configuring needed!]
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Xbox Buttons:

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Left Thumbstick Left = AxisX(<0)
Left Thumbstick Right = AxisX(>0)
Left Thumbstick Up = AxisY(<0)
Left Thumbstick Down = AxisY(>0)

Right Shoulder = Axis3(<0)
Left Shoulder = Axis3(>0)

Right Thumbstick Left = Axis4(<0)
Right Thumbstick Right = Axis4(>0)
Right Thumbstick Up = Axis5(<0)
Right Thumbstick Down = Axis5(>0)

Directional Pad Up = POV1:UP
Directional Pad Right = POV1:RIGHT
Directional Pad Down = POV1:DOWN
Directional Pad Left = POV1:LEFT

A = Button 1
B = Button 2
X = Button 3
Y = Button 4

Left Bumper = Button 5
Right Bumper = Button 6

Back = Button 7
Start = Button 8

Left Thumbstick = Button 9
Right Thumbstick = Button 10


If you want to use a wireless controller you MUST buy one of these: Xbox 360 Wireless Gaming Receiver for Windows: Video Games

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didnt rlly watch the video but im guessing you cant do it with a wireless and a play n charge cable?

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If you watched two minutes into it I said that :]
Play N’ Charge cables do what they’re called, charge.

They don’t transmit and data, just power.

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I think xpadder is better then joy2key.
If you want the latest version ill give it too diamond only.
Free version

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