How to play pirated games Please Help

Hello All… I dnt knw if this is a right place to talk about
I got a new xbox… I opened it and i found this drive DG-16D5S

I want to Know is this drive flashable… ?? if yes then give me a link with instruction
or is there any other way to play game from usb drive

Every drive is flash-able, this is a lite on drive. You will need to buy a couple things before flashing it though.

Yes it is flash able with the new Drive you got.

Flashing the DG-16D5S is a little more expensive because you need a replacement PCB. The firmware required is called “LTU” and it isn’t released yet either. This site will change from “IN TESTING” to “RELEASED” when the firmware is available.

I’m not encouraging pirating games though. You should support the developers if you like the game. C4eva’s firmware is meant for LEGAL backups of games you own.

Can you give me the link of the latest firmware of this drive… ?

I don’t know if you have a slim or not because you didn’t tell us, but from what Tucker said I would assume you have one.

iXtreme LT+ 3.0 Download


EDIT: Guess your firmware isn’t released :confused:

The firmware for your drive isn’t released yet. I said that in my previous post. I linked you to a site in my previous post which tracks the progress of the firmware as well…

Ok I agree with you the drive is not flashable yet according to the site you gave me… But is there any usb harddrive hack to run pirated downloaded games on xbox

xk3y can run games from a hard drive but that device doesn’t support emulating your optical disc drive yet. So you must wait either way.

Better off just buying an old PHAT Xbox and make that your modded console and keep your Slim for a backup.

Ok i will wait Thanks for your reply Tucker

Ok I will wait Thanks for your reply Tucker

pirated downloaded games on xbox