How to played flashed games AFTER UPDATE

first off this is not my tutorial it is from xbox360iso

Please do this at your OWN RISK! I’m not responsible if it does not work for you!

Ok well I was trying to figure out a way to bypass the update and be online at the same time on my flashed Xbox, and I found a way to do that.

Your console must NOT [already] be updated.

I dont have a flashed xbox so please tell me the outcome.

1.) Start up your Xbox like you normally would
2.) Click the eject button as soon as it starts up
3.) Your drive should be open; you will receive update
4.) Now you must accept the update
5.) Your console will take a few minutes to download the firmware
6.) Right after the console is close to finishing, put your hand in the DVD drive
7.) The console will then shut off and then back on, and start downloading again
8.) You can now take your hand out and let it finish updating

Once that is all over with, your console may restart. Try putting in some burnt games and they should all load like they normally do. Also, go to system info and check your Dashboard Update (should read: 2.0.13146.0) and make sure it is correct.

There may be a chance that your console will be flagged for this so do it at your own risk people!

Edit - some people have said it has worked.

All you need to do, is keep your dvd drive key (like a boss) and then flash it to LT+ 1.1. The only thing it can’t do, is play AP 2.5 games… Black screen…


Sorry, but this does not work. Yoou have to update it or it will keep flashing your drive back to stock

I figured that since your disk drive was not closed that it would basically bypass the reflashing or your disk drive. Some have said it worked. Now you may have to redo every time you want to play something though.

No, i kept my dvd key and flashed it with1.1 and it works every time i put a game in except ap 2.5

Well, I am confused. Why did you Bold ‘You must not have already updated or have a update’? Because if you updated before trying then of course this will not work. Figure this would help those that did not update in fear of reflashing their xbox.

But what your saying is wrong. Just say that they need there dvd drive key then update there consoles, then flash again NOT so hard eh?

Yeah, that can be pretty easy. I guess there are two ways then.

This may seem lots of stupid but if i flash my updated console now will it just reflash to stock immediatley or can i play offline or something like that? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

If you flashed it after the update you should be able to play some games. I dont think you can play the new games because of AP 2.5.