How to put games on 250gb Xbox HDD?

Hi guy had a look around but struggling to find an answer…

I have a 250gb RGH Demon Slim, with an unflashed drive and have learned how to make the ISO’s playable on the 360 but not how to transfer them. Are there a few methods? Could anyone advise or help?

Much appreciated.

What format are your games? God or xex and do you have a usb harddrive

I have XEX menu installed and its running on FSD so my guess is XEX, pretty new to RGH so you’ll have to bare with me. Any way of checking for sure?

And I dont have a usb harddrive at the minute but looking into it new few weeks…

Do you have any games on your pc? If so are they just in the normal iso format?

I have just converted an ISO on my PC using Xbox Image Browser so have the folder ready to transfer over… I do have a few different ISO’s ready to convert and put on the RGH though…

Get FLASHFXP and FTP everything over to your system through your Network OR

You can get SATA cable connectors to connect the Slim HDD to and PC via USB. Some PC’s may have the SATA connections inside the case (some have extra for extra devices)

This is where I start struggling lol, what does FTP stand for and how do I connect my RGH to network? via ethernet? Sorry for being such a noob at this and thanks for your help again…

FTP = File Transfer Protocol

RGH connects via Ethernet cable. to router or modem so it is on the same network as your PC

Thanks for your help, could you point me anywhere that theres a tutorial on setting up the network connection? I’ve had a look around but cant find any that are defintive, I’m a complete noob when it comes to rgh but hopefully can learn and help people in the future, thanks.

Xbox FTP

thanks man, just ordered a crossover cable now :smile:

Found out there GOD format buddy

Copy via XeX Menu 1.1