How to Rank up fast in Halo Reach without doing anything!

[size=20]First off i would like to say no this does not get you banned, you are not doing anything to provoke bungie and causing them to ban you and this is 100% legitimate and fair to do.

Ok so this one kid that goes to my school is a field Marshall on Halo Reach. So today i asked him how does he rank up so fast in it? Well after talking to him i found out that he doesnt even play the game when he is on! He uses this other method which i am showing you guys now.

1. OK so first thing you do is search for a cooperative firefight match by yourself and you will get paired up with randoms.
2. Now you just set your controller down and let the game go :smiley:
3. For some reason if you play firefight and complete the whole 30 minute or so game you get over 2000 credits for doing nothing!

This is a very easy way to rank up and i have been doing it all day, all you have to do is when the game ends make sure you start it up again.

So hope you guys all have a fun time ranking up fast without doing anything :thumbsup:[/size]

Thanks im going to go try this!

I would try this… but playing Halo Reach is bannable. So I’d rather not…

Nice but not really convenient. I don’t really want to watch a screen with nothing happening at all. And other players could maybe report you could if your just standing there some grunt is gonna come up to you, hit you in the balls and you going to die ( spartan weak spot ) and all your doing is wasting the other players lives. So you are most likely going to get reported.

Nice one doos.

so 1 whole hour just for 4000 credits? kinda long dont you think?

leave it going i guess…

It’s ok if you have nothing to do and want to level up and go do something else but otherwise it’s a waste of time.

AFK boosting will get you a nice ban.

Proof? Also how is it Boosting if you do nothing?

There Is A Fine Line Between “Doing Nothing” And “AFK Boosting”. I Used To AFK FireFight (With My Turbo Controller) And Apparently Bungie Can Detect Turbo Controllers But Im Not Sure, The Problem With Doing Nothing Is You Actually Have To Do Something.
You Still Have To Move The Controller Every So Often And Re-Start Searching For Games.

All Up Ive Givien Up On Reach!

that seems pretty dangn slow i rather do matchmaking instead.

Wut? 4000 a hour? You consider that fast? Id rather just played pissed off my head n have a good time. Might play sloppy but still ill deffo earn more cR faster than ur method… Or possibly just actually play the game like what it’s made for…
Why do you people buy a video game and not intend to play on it?

I know ill buy a car and not drive it. Well atleast it looks pritty on my front drive just like my halo reach rank looks pritty too… WTF
Plus your method is bannable… They can detect you not getting any kills. Counts as been afk.

Really? You want proof? I mean you would have to be ****ing retarded to think Bungie would allow you to gain credits without playing? I’ll try looking for Ferrex’s post in more free time.

:laughing: you have a good point

just do campaign modz and do legendary

Thanks for the tip im a Lt Con Grade 2

There is unlimited lives on online Firefight. Except in ScoreAttack.

agreed… bungie is uptight like 3arc… infinity ward is the best they dont care ;p

Not that fast…

actually you cannot get banned bungie has even stated that credit farming will not get you banned