How to remove a game from Recently Played?

If there is a file in the WeMod folder on my computer that I can edit to remove a game from Recently Played, please tell me the name and location of that file. Thank you.

More details: I have a Steam game installed. It was compatible. It had a trainer. I used the trainer. The game showed up in Recently Played. I found out that one of the cheats in the trainer did not work. It was the only cheat I really cared about. I decided to quit using the trainer. But the game still shows up in Recently Played. I want a way to remove the game from Recently Played because I only want to see games that I use trainers for. I know that there is no WeMod feature to remove a game from Recently Played. But WeMod is installed on my computer and it has hundreds of files, and surely I can edit one of those files to remove the game from my Recently Played history? I don’t mind doing it manually. I just need to know location and name of such file. Thank you.

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Games cannot be removed from recently played.

What if I uninstall WeMod, delete all registry files and anything else left behind, and then re-install WeMod? Will the Recently Played section be empty then? And if so, then that tells me there is a local file on my computer that I can edit to remove entries or the entire Recently Played history. Right? Help me out, bro.

You don’t need to delete the registry entries. If you just reinstall WeMod it will be cleared. You can also just delete the cache files.

Now we are talking. Cache files. I’m assuming they are in an appdata folder somewhere. I’ll try looking for them. Do you have the folder path?

The app stores all of its data in C:\Users\YOU\AppData\Roaming\WeMod

Thank you. I’ll delete that now.

If I may, may I ask one last question? How many games are stored in the Recently Played area of WeMod? Is it just three, or does it store and show more than that? Please let me know. Thanks.

It’ll show up to 15 :slight_smile:

Alright. For anyone who wants to know how to clear their Recently Played section in WeMod, this is what you do. Go to “C:\Users\YOUR USER NAME\AppData\Roaming\WeMod\Local Storage” and delete the contents of the ‘leveldb’ folder. You can just delete the files in the folder, or you can delete the folder itself. It doesn’t really matter. Then restart WeMod. It will assign you a random user name. Once it does that, sign out of that new user name and then sign in using your real account email address and password. Then everything will be as it was before minus the Recently Played history. Sadly, you can’t remove individual games from that section. But this is the best and probably only way to clear that section if there are games listed that you want removed. I’ve tried editing the files within the ‘leveldb’ folder, but I couldn’t find anything dealing with individual games listed in that section. The Recently Played section shows up to 15 recently played games. If you are using more than 15 game trainers, you probably don’t need to do all of this, because the game you don’t want to show up will eventually disappear. But if you only used like 5 game trainers and you don’t want one of those games to show up, you can use this method and then replay the four games that you want to show up. Then you will have the Recently Played list that you want. Hopefully this helps someone. I’ve looked online for many months for a solution, and finally arrived at this one.