How to request for a non listed game

Hi, im new here and i saw a button “Request A Game” but theres no option to really request a game, if a game isnt listed there how do i request?

I’d like to made a request for Space Engineers… but :frowning:

Thanks in advance

Is the game on steam?

Yes sir, it is… follow the link

Its in the list, probably a typo when you tried searching.

i even copied the name from the steam to search here… wasnt showing before … Thanks for

I left off topic, I am coming back of topic.

The user reviews for that game are weird. They say that you shouldn’t buy it because of horrible bugs, yet they played it for 1000+ hours. I am satisfied if I get 60 hours out of a new AAA game.

i just started a week ago and yes, theres some weird bugs but game is fun :smiley:


I wont mark the answer of MrPrecise as solution cuz even he listing me the game it doesnt answer how would i proceed if i wanted a game which isnt there…

This time twas S.E but what happens if i look for another one?

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

You pretty much just make a topic requesting it. Someone with the right privileges will add it to the list.

The category should either be infinity\suggestions or general.

Implimenting a site feature for it would make the process faster but since this community isn’t very active you don’t need to worry about a topic being burried.

Maybe they did it, cuz search wasnt showing before :slight_smile:

Yeah Chris should have the privileges so it isn’t unlikely that he added it, though he should have posted if he did so.

Right and thanks :slight_smile: now i just need the game have votes enough to reach the minimum needed (i think is there a minimum to be in the list)

Also i’ll spend on it whenever i receive more :slight_smile:

Thanks once again )

Same for me, i cant find The Saboteur cheats.

@frank will add it when he sees it.

I mess up the thumbnail whenever i add it looking all ugly (steam ones are fine though).

I didn’t add it. It was there before. I looked under star engineer and could find it then searched steam and found space engineer which is why I asked if the game was on steam.

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weird… i did search many times and nothing… anyway is there and i already spent some on it :smiley:


Might just be alternative realities merging. Common stuff.

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