How To Reset Your Gamerscore To 0

Herro :slight_smile:

Well im Going to show you how to Reset your Gamerscore Back to 0
* Will Give Cheater Gamerzone + You Cannot Re-earn Them *

1: Open Your Profile Up In Profile Editor!

2: Just Unlock The Achievements Offline!

3: One Done Put Profile Back On To Your Xbox!

4: Message “e” Saying i Glitched My Gamerscore Can You Reset It!

5: He Will Then Reset It Back To 0 <3

This Seem Pointless But It Could Help Some People!
Hope I Helped

Please Dont Flame! <3


xD e… I’ve never seen a 1 letter GT, online. D: Nice find, bud.

You do realize they also do GT bans for score modifying right?

Over 100000+ Yes, Under That No Thats Why The They Inplented This Cheater Gamerzone Etc

or you can just use the game adder and add xbox 360 dashboard to your profile and go into a game then remove it, viola

I didn’t think that worked anymore?

btw guys e is an xbox dev if you didn’t know

also i would be surprised if he didn’t reset you after he read the msg

Nope your wrong their, also did you make that up or is it in written some where? Oh and the Cheater Gamerzone was given to a profile of mine that was over 100,000…

This probably comes with a ban, plus you used capitals everywhere except from where they were needed…

I don’t think it does either… Also, this is kind of pointless. The reason people want to get their gamerscore back to 0 is so they can earn it legit, or to avoid getting the Cheater gamerzone.

just make another account if you want it legit :smiley:

E is a staff member. A legit 8 year account. He reset mine lol

wow a 1 letter gamertag :open_mouth: and I have cheater zone :smile: but I would not do this try and avoid getting it because when you get reset you can’t get the achievements for the games you played but if you play a game that you NEVER played when you did get reset then you can get the achievements for that game :confused:

This might come in use. thanks for the share.