How to restore benq to original firmware

my dvd drive wont read games or dvd’s afterflashing to ixtreme. how can i flash back using jungle flasher?

Get the JungleFlasher Tutorial from here: Jungle Flasher - Downloads

It tells you everything you need to know.

What drive you got ?

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Sorry for misreading lol.
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Anyway you just reflash with OF the same as you flashed to LT.
Il be more than happy to help over TV or PM.

Seriously, calm down. He was asking a valid question.

Hi, im new here, im having some problems with my benq drive as well but don’t have any clue in how find the solution to my problem @ jungleflasher’s website…
Could you be more precise please?


Someone got a TAD ANGRY

I dont think that anyone is going to reply in a thread this old, so start a new thread stating your problem and im sure someone will help you out! Unfortunately i cant because i know anything about this sort of stuff.
Post a new thread and someone will help you!

If anybody here has any problems flashing dvd drives to play xbox360 backups then I prefer you go to the team xecuter forums only because they have knowledge on flashing drives and can help you in most situations. I’m getting a mod to close this.

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