How to run 2 instances of WeMod on pc?

Hi, I am trying to run 2 instances of wemod on pc. How can one manage to do that??

I loaded 2 instances of sc2, and I want to run both clients with the cheats enabled… but I cant point the process to trigger that and I can only open 1 client of wemod.
How can i manage to load 2 clients and inject wemod on both?

Thanks in advance.

Hey Andre, this isn’t possible right now. It’s something we can look into implementing, but there’s a few roadblocks in the code that assume there’s only 1 instance.

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Hi Frank,
Thank you very much for your reply and for letting me know it Isn’t possible yet.
I will wait for some future patch that maybe enables this option.

Thank you a lot once again for all the good support on WeMod !

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This feature is ready for the next big app release. I’ll have more details then :+1:

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whoaa this is amazing, great news :slight_smile:
Thank you for that !! ( sorry the late reply, my newborn just arrived, been kinda chaotic this 1st week haha)

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No problem! Congrats! :smiley:

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@Frank, is this function added to WeMod 7 update??? or not yet?

Yes! Thanks for reminding me to post. Run the app with --wemod-user-data=Data2, where Data2 can be whatever you want. In this case, app data will be read and written to C:\Users\You\AppData\Roaming\WeMod-Data2 instead of the default WeMod folder.

Frank, thank you for your reply… I am having a hard time to get this to work…
So what i did is:

  • I launched 1st client of the game , and Launched WeMod (attached the trainer) all Ok
  • I launched 2nd client of the game and Launched WeMod --data2 … When i try to load the trainner, it gives me error “We’re having trouble running the cheats. You may have to allow WeMod through your firewall or anti-virus software.”

any idea how to make the 2nd client of wemod detect the 2nd client of the game?

thanks in advance

Not ideal, but are you able to make a copy of the game folder or make a copy of the exe with a different name? If not, we will have to add a process picker to the app, which has been on the to-do list.

i tried creating a copy of the exe file , change its name, and place it as load custom, to try and make wemod force to attach at this process… but didn’t work.

Guess would have to add a process picker to the app, maybe it is the only way, i couldn’t find any other way to do it hehe.

If you see both games in task manager running with different names, it should be working. I’ll check it out if it’s not.

i did, , the game i am trying to run 2 instances is Starcraft II … i created a copy of the exe , but i guess it doesnt change anything tbh, because for me to be able to run the second client of the game, i have to use processexplorer, and kill 2 sections and 2 events, to be able to open the 2nd client on same pc.

so I guess it launches both with same name, just different process ID, which would have to be manually picked for wemod to attach to.

yeah nvm, i couldnt get it to work hehe, unless it becomes possible to manually tell which processid wemod need to attach too, there isn’t a way to get this to work with 2 clients i guess. Not even the data2 worked hehe…

but thank you a lot anyway, first for your time and secondly for adding this function !

@frank , Do you think there is a possibility for in a future patch of WeMod, you guys add a way to manually set which process wemod client attaches to ? to become possible to make the use of 2 clients?

I couldn’t find a way to do it , not even with the 2nd folder, considering the game uses same name on process for multiclient